Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving blessings

The holiday is over and it was very nice. I cooked; Amy and LeCole cleaned. I thought that was pretty fair. I didn't mind the cooking part and everything tasted the way I wanted it to. LOL! I did clean while I was working so the mess wasn't "too" bad. hahahaha! Yeah, right!

We were blessed to have Amy and Isaiah, Lecole, Devyn, and LeAuna, Keith, and LeCole's boyfriend, Jason for dinner. The menu included turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green rice, corn on the cob, and dinner rolls. Desserts were apple pie, cherry pie, and carrot cake. We were stuffed. In fact - I'm still stuffed. Sure enjoyed the food though.

I was disappointed to not hear from Ron's kids on Thanksgiving Day. We had invited Tim to dinner but not Stacey or Aaron. We figured Stacey would go eat with her in-laws and Aaron would just eat with his mom and step-dad. Come to find out, Stacey AND Tim both ate at Karen's house - which is just about 1/2 mile away. Not one of them called their dad, came to see their dad, or anything else. A simple phone call would have been nice. We didn't even get a rejection reply from Tim. I'm sure Ron is more upset about it than he lets on. I'm the one that is totally upset by it. One of these days, Ron will be gone and they will wonder why they never called him or came to see him. He is very down about his health and how limited in his movement. The only thing that never changes is the amount of pain that he is in.

But, he's still alive and kicking - which I think is a blessing. He's not so sure.


Rae said...

It is nice that you had a good Thanksgiving day. It is sad that Ron's family is not in contact. I have experienced that too. It always makes the holiday feel a little empty when everyone isn't together. Hope your Christmas is a good one. Blessings to you and Ron.

Pat said...

Those kids will regret it when Ron is gone. Sorry they didn't contact him.

Your dinner sounded good. What the heck is green rice?

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

It is broccoli and rice casserole, but it's been "green rice" in my family for over 35 years. LOL - I don't know where my mom got the name for it.

Yes, I agree - they are going to regret the times they could have called or visited and did not. They'll especially regret it when the will is read. LOL - j/k... Probably not even then.