Friday, September 30, 2011

It's been a hellavu day

But, I want to THANK all of you who left such lovely comments on my last post. I'm thinking about what our next steps might be. As much as I don't want to, I am.

This is kind of convoluted and it really does all go together - but, then again it doesn't.

Yesterday morning I had an appointment for my "supposed to be yearly" mammogram. I thought I'd only missed one or two but the records show I haven't been since 2006. Seriously? 2006? Who'da thunk it... Not me, that's for sure. I know in 2008 that I had an appointment and the day of it, they called and said their machine had broken. Since I had literally used up all of my PTO for Ron that year (before FMLA had kicked in), I didn't reschedule for that year, figuring that I'd make it up in 2009. I don't know what happened between 2009 and now but decided I better git'er done.

My doctor lives in the town we used to live in. Our bank is still in that town because my automatic deposits go there and our automatic withdrawals come out of there. I've been too busy to change banks. Over the last couple of months, I've done some usability studies and received three $100 checks for doing so. I've purposely saved them because Ron and I are taking a weekend "off" in October and going to Branson. Since I was going to be near the bank yesterday I decided I'd get them cashed. They had dates they had to be processed by and those dates were getting close so I didn't want to put it off. I also had another $100 check that was a refund from something else, so I had a total of $400. I put $100 in Ron's checking account (his Netflix account and 700 Club donation comes out of that account, and if he goes to the doctor without me he pays the doctor co-pay from there). That left $300. I had the teller give me one $100 bill, two $50 bills, and the rest in $20s. I put all of it into the inside zipper pocket of my purse.

On my way to work I saw a sign for a "HUGE" sale so decided I'd take a little detour and see if I could find some winter clothes for my WA grandkids. I scored. The lady had two girls and had literally never gotten rid of anything. I bought stuff for Katy, some little toys for Zachary, and things like burp cloths, receiving blankets, waterproof pads, bib, nightgown sacks, a musical crib toy (hangs on the side and plays music with lights and such), and a few other things for Anna (various sizes so as she grows there's things that Amy will readily have). I also bought one of those floor gyms that cost $50-$75 or more. It looked like it had barely been used. $7.00! I was thrilled and planned on leaving it at my house. It was similar to this, but not exactly:

My total was $45 and I gave the lady one of my $50 bills and she gave me a $5 bill back. I didn't even take any of the other money out of the zipper pocket. I put the $5 in my zipper pocket. I had so much stuff that the husband carried the box to my car. I thought the lady had put everything in the box. WRONG. I got home last night and was showing Ron the stuff and realized that the floor gym was missing. I was really disappointed because I'd really wanted it for me and it was such a good deal.

No problem, I think... I can go back on my lunch hour tomorrow (which was "today") and didn't really worry about it because I'd told the lady I lived about an hour away but worked in Wichita. I didn't know her name but I figured she'd hold it at least until the end of her sale.

Again... WRONG. I took the time to drive back to the sale today and discovered that it was closed. Totally locked up, no sign of anything and no one home. So, I took down the address so I could use reverse lookup to see if I could get a telephone number to call.

In the meantime, I decided that I was going to buy a hamburger because I'd taken a late lunch and was feeling very hungry. I reached into my zipper pocket and pulled out the folded bills. No $100 bill! GONE! I had the other $50, my $20s, and the $5. I know that I'd put them all in there and that the $100 was on the outside of the $20s. I was sick, just sick. I got back to my office and cleared everything out of my purse. It just wasn't there. We had an all-employees meeting yesterday for my group and parts of other groups on my floor (there had been three meeting times so at any given time, at least 1/3 of the people were away from their desks for 90 minutes). Because I knew I had extra cash in my purse, I made sure that it was safely in my desk drawer before I left for the meeting. Since I know I didn't spend it and I didn't take it out of my purse, the only thing can I come up with is that someone went through the cubicles looking for stuff to steal. I think the $20s were left behind to make it not as noticeable that money was taken.

I made a report, but really... there's nothing anyone can do. There aren't any cameras around and it's basically just my word that I had it. I can only hope that whoever ended up with it needed it worse than I did. Otherwise, it would just eat at me and it's not worth that.

Back to the garage sale lady... I got a phone number and called; got an answering machine so I left a detailed message. After work, Amy needed to run some errands and while we were in one of the stores the lady called me back. She felt really bad when she realized I hadn't gotten the item and held it back figuring I'd come "right back for it." Uh... I said I was on my way to work. And, I lived an hour away. When I didn't come back for it yesterday afternoon, she re-sold it this morning. SERIOUSLY??? I figured she'd at least hold it until her sale was over (she'd shut down early today because of an appointment but will be open tomorrow). She's really sorry and hopes that I'll forgive her and she'll be happy to refund my money. {sigh} Accidents do happen; I get that. I called her back and got her answering machine again. I was nice... I said I understood but figured she'd hold it until her sale was almost over (and at $7 she wouldn't have had trouble selling it - plus it had already been paid for!) and that I couldn't have figured out I didn't have it until I got home. By then, I would have had to wait until today to figure out her address/name and call her.

She'll be happy to refund my money. That won't get me the floor gym. Not even close.

All in all, it was a very expensive garage sale after all.


Mynx said...

What an awful thing to happen to you. I am so sorry that you were stolen from and missed out on that lovely toy.
Hugs for you

orchid said...

My Dear Teresa,
We don7t have garage sale in Japan so, I don7t know how it works. But shame on her!!! I'm really sorry about not been get it back. Stealing is a Crime and it should be punished!!!
Sometimes I feel the world is not fair, but hang in there my dear friend☆☆☆

SkippyMom said...

I have never seen a thief take just "some" of the money to throw the victim off. That is a great theory Tee. Sorry you lost it tho'. That's just wrong.

That lady wasn't very nice to sell something you had already paid for. I guess when she didn't see you right away, she just assumed - well, I don't what. She needs to learn a little patience. Y'think?

Good luck next week! :)

Thisisme. said...

Hi Teresa. So sorry you missed out on that baby gym. I do hope you manage to get another one as a bargain, because they really are so very good and get a lot of use. I can't believe that your money disappeared. That's just not funny. I am so sorry. Hope tomorrow will be a much better date for you. Hugs.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Thanks ya'll... I talked to the garage sale lady today. She's mailing me a check and said she feels really bad. I understand. I told her life happens - no big deal and the world wasn't going to come to an end. She was very nice and I could tell she truly felt bad.

On the money... Yeah, I've never heard of a thief leaving money behind and I'd much rather think that I just lost it. I even waited a couple of hours before I told my boss. I just didn't want to think that someone would have been going through desk drawers. I've retraced my steps and retraced my steps. The only place I took money out was the garage sale. I just don't know of any explanation for why the money is gone. It really doesn't matter how it disappeared - it just did so I move on. I don't expect for it to turn up so no biggie. It just is what it is.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ugh. What a run of horrible luck.