Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sad day...

It's awfully hard to be loyal to a company when they treat their employees so crappy. And, as a parent, no matter how old I get or how old my children get, I can't help but be in pain when one of them is hurting - no matter what the cause of the pain.

My daughter was scheduled to be on PTO today and has had it scheduled for over a week. The "big boss" for her department sent a message that she was going to be in town this week and wanted to meet with everyone in one-on-one meetings. She also sent out an invitation for the whole department to go out to dinner tonight, so Amy was going to drive into town (45 miles away) to go to dinner with the group.

Yesterday afternoon, she was "invited" to her one-on-one - in person - meeting scheduled for 7:30 AM this morning!!! That meant that she would have to leave home at 6:30 this morning. We both were afraid it was going to be bad news and decided that it was one of two things...

One, they weren't going to give her the promotion they've danced around for months (before she even went on maternity leave and she's been back for two months). The director (or whatever his title is) that is over the big boss had told her that he wouldn't let her go on maternity leave without an answer. She's emailed him since she's been back and her immediate supervisor has also emailed him but neither got an answer one way or the other. We figured that they weren't going to give her the promotion but thought they'd at least give her an answer.

Two, they were calling her in to "eliminate" her position so they wouldn't have to even address the promotion issue. They've been known to blind-side people before in situations like this. The last person in her department to get laid off got the same treatment - called her in and said her position had been eliminated. Just like that - no offer to move her to another position or anything and she'd been with the company for about 10 years.

We have a winner... Number TWO!

Is that just the crappiest thing? I feel so badly for her. She's very smart, organized, a go-getter, and a very dedicated employee - and, she had a glowing mid-term review last week. It's just a matter of "what the hell!" going on. In fact, one of the managers of another department actually asked what the hell they were thinking. Of course, that won't change the situation, but it did make Amy feel good to hear that.

Someone out there will snatch her up and her group's loss will be the other group's gain.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm exhausted, but in a good way...

I worked all weekend on the house, emptying boxes and breaking them down, putting things where they belong, reorganising my spare bedroom/craft room (still need to hang stuff on the walls in there), cleaning out closets from stuff that was just "stuffed" in there, and fixing the garage so that I can park AND walk in there. Nice idea...

I even found my dining room table while I was at it.

I should iron the tablecloth (but I probably won't).  I did buy an iron and ironing board this weekend but I'm not ready to attempt ironing the tablecloth just yet.

Next on my agenda is to get pictures and stuff on the wall. I really need help in that area because I am seriously challenged in decorating. I want a sofa painting (or something) without spending a fortune and I need something over the bed, too. I have a ton of family photos that will go on one wall in the dining room. I'm not sure that's the best idea for them but it's the only idea I have.

Next weekend... maybe something will hit me between now and then. We shall see.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shrove Tuesday

I meant to post this on Tuesday, when it really would have made sense, but life is very busy right now and I just did not get to it.

I have often heard the term “Shrove Tuesday” but did not know that it was also called “Pancake Day” in many parts of the world. Since I was brought up in the Southern Baptist church, we did not actually have any Ash Wednesday services (outside of the regular Wednesday night services) so had never really made the connection between Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.

Amy and Rex attend the local Methodist church and they have special Ash Wednesday services… Aha… the connection was made when the television news announcer Tuesday morning mentioned that Shrove Tuesday was the day before the season of Lent (which begins Ash Wednesday). I was starting to see the connection but still did not realize that it was the same as Pancake Day. I had to look that up…

My search for Pancake Day 2012 bought up a few links and some interesting information. I started with just one from a Web site called British Life & Culture. According them, butter, fat, and eggs were forbidden during Lent (do not know “when” this was the case) and that’s why pancakes were eaten… they contain all of the forbidden ingredients and it was the last day to indulge yourself. Interesting…

Another item of interest (not from British Life & Culture site) is how Shrove Tuesday is referred to as International Pancake Day. It even has its own Web site (as of today, the site is not working correctly). Olney, England and Liberal, Kansas participates in a Pancake Day race every year. Last year, Liberal won and this year, Olney won (I could not find the statistics to find out who has won the most). According to legend, the Olney race started in 1445 when a harried housewife arrived at church on Shrove Tuesday still clutching her frying pan, with a pancake still in it. Women in Liberal first challenged Olney in 1950 and they have competed annually since then. Liberal is very proud of its involvement in this annual even and they have set up an International Pancake Day Hall of Fame.

I did not eat pancakes on Tuesday. Did you???

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boy + Ring = she said YES!


OK - that just happens to be one of my favorite pictures of him and had to sneak it in. He's grown up into a man...


= She said yes!

Congratulations to my youngest and his new fiance', Lindsay!

Prior to pulling the proposal off, Keith called Lindsay's mom (in the picture) and dad and asked for her hand in marriage, and sent them a picture of the ring. Lindsay's mom and aunt flew in from New Jersey to visit with her (they were in on the proposal set-up) and we met at PF Chang's for dinner.

Keith took the manager into his confidence and set the stage for (what we hoped would be) a successful proposal. Between the appetizer and the dinner, Keith excused himself to go to the restroom. Lindsay's back was to the door Keith exited so she wouldn't see him come back. Once everything was set, the manager came in with a plate and set it in front of Lindsay. The plate said (in honey), "Look behind you."

Lindsay was a bit confused but turned around to see Keith down on one knee.

The rest is, shall we say, history...

Monday, February 13, 2012

We're moved...

Not unpacked, but everything is here. I stayed home sick on Thursday and started moving things myself on Friday. Kris got here about dinnertime and we worked several hours Friday night.  I was so sore that I had a hard time sleeping Friday night but knew that we'd have tons to do over the weekend.

We were definitely working at a disadvantage. It was wicked cold (each forecast dropped the "high" for the day by about five degrees) and the wind was bitter, bitter cold. None of us felt good (I've been sick for nearly a week) and had a couple people have to cancel because they didn't feel good. That left the heavy work for Rex and Keith (thank God they came and worked while they were sick; Keith missed two days of work last week) and the smaller things for Kris, Lindsay (Keith's girlfriend), and me. We made multiple trips with my van. Rex and Keith made multiple trips with Rex's truck and a trailer that he borrowed from one of his co-workers.

We got everything moved from the old place to the new place by 3:00 PM and rested for a while before going to dinner (Montana Mike's Steakhouse - yummy!). I rested a bit better Saturday night but had to take a couple of doses of cold/sinus medicine and night-time pain relievers. I didn't overdose, but when they wore off I was back up to take more.

I took today off, too and I'm so glad that I did. I still fee like crap and looking around what still needs to be done.

blech... blech... blech...

I'm resting now so I feel up to going to work tomorrow. Can't really afford to miss any more time right now.

We ended up getting snow overnight but it's supposed to warm back up this week. Wouldn't ya know... move the cold weekend and rest the warm weekend.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sometimes, I forget how old I really am

I know, you're only as old as you feel. Right now, I feel every bit of my age + Ron's age + my kids' ages. In other words, I feel ANCIENT! I've worked so hard this weekend. Ron was afraid I was going to give myself a coronary.

I picked up Keith's girlfriend, Lindsay, in the morning and she helped me for several hours and then Keith showed up about 2:00 PM to help, too. They were such big helps! Lindsay and I made several trips in and out with my craft cubes before Keith got there. He was a big help with the heavy shelves and helped me get them, plus the twin bed, taken over there. Amy came over with her truck to haul the bed, which was a big help, too. Keith and I moved in the oak book case and the desk I bought. Man, were they heavy!

Keith crashed after we got the shelves attached to the wall. They're not perfect (we're so "not" engineers or carpenters!), but it'll do for now. Ron's friend Chuck needs to help me get them attached correctly. I should say I "need" for Ron's friend Chuck to help me. Right now, they're not attached to any studs so there's nothing to really hold up any weight.

I planned to get my whole craft room moved this weekend, along with the rest of the kitchen, but that didn't happen. I got most of the craft room moved, bookshelves emptied, and part of the living room bookshelf emptied. I took over a bunch of stuff today and I have a full car to drop off in the morning.

I am tired. Bone tired. But, it will get done.

By the time weekend gets here, I should have most of the work completed (I hope!). I have my shoes boxed up and the knick-knacks from our room boxed up and ready to move. I have a box of pictures (family photos) boxed up and they're heavy, too (don't know what got into me). I have another big box packed (and can't remember what is in it - hahahaha!) and ready for the 'boys" to move it for me. I am going to move our hanging clothes and the kitchen stuff this week. My plan is to rest tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I'll pick back up Thursday evening, Friday during the day, and then the rest of the stuff will happen on Saturday.

We should have only the two recliners, our dresser, end tables, 2 book cases, Ron's wheelchair, the television and stand, the two "cubes" that contain the movies and Isaiah's games. I have lots more than that of "small" stuff but I really don't want to think about it.

I want to pretend that it will go away and happen all on its own.

I can pretend.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And, she's off!

Getting things started for moving, that is. I got the keys today and took a few boxes over. That kitchen is the stuff dreams are made of. Seriously, I have more cabinets and shelves and drawers in that kitchen than I've had in two or three kitchens combined. I put some stuff away today that's been in storage for over a year. I can have my MIXER out! Woot! I can actually use my appliances without having to try and decide where to move the stuff so I can use the appliance. I'm excited!

The lady on the other side is a single mom of an 11-year old. He helped me bring in some boxes tonight and that was very nice of me. He's a big boy - almost as big as I am. I'm sure the kids make fun of him because of his size so I made sure to tell him how much I appreciated his help. I didn't have any cash to give him but I said that I'd make sure that if he was around to help me next time, I'd have a few bucks for him. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. He rides Isaiah's bus and seems to think Isaiah's a cute kid. That's a vote in his favor for sure. :)

Looking forward to being totally moved. February 11th is when those I can round up will be here. Won't be many but they're prepared to get it done. I should have a lot done before then by going each night after work and working this weekend, too.

I think I'm going to be tired.

Found four great chairs that are dark wood like the table that I'm getting from Ron's ex-wife. They were nearly new and $50 each. Padded seat and high back - perfect for Ron.

The landlord is going to have to put in a tall toilet for Ron... He had a hard time getting up without my help. I asked him if he'd mind doing it and I'd pay for it. Gotta do what I need to do for the man to be able to function when I'm not home to help.  I think he is a very nice landlord. We are blessed to have found it.

Until later...