Friday, October 4, 2013

I should be able to sleep...

Ron has pretty much given me the "go ahead" to get on with life. He said last night that he is comfortable there and is treated well. The staff are very helpful and the facility is clean - it doesn't "smell" like a nursing home. That made me feel much better. I know that he is where he needs to be. I just have to convince my mind at night when I lie down to sleep that I really do have permission to relax. And sleep.

I find myself waking several times during the night and then when I need to get up, I'm exhausted and dragging. Plus, getting everything figured out is really tough.

I took all of the paperwork to the attorney last Friday. I got my first bill yesterday. $122.00 for "inter-office email" review - so I basically paid him to read his mail. Go figure. At $200 per hour, it won't take long to hit his $2,000 estimate. I'm just thankful that he didn't hit me up for a large retainer. I won't have much money once he's finished with me and I pay my share of the co-pay - and no telling what Medicaid will say I have to pay. I'm trying to get everything all set up so I'll have the funds when the bills start rolling in. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'll have left over each month and, until I find out the Medicaid part, it's hard to do. I've tried to figure it several different ways and not coming out too well for any of them. No biggie... I believe that God will take care of things when I need Him to. I know I haven't been too vocal about faith lately, but that doesn't mean that I haven't held onto my faith. Without it, I don't know where I'd be.

Whatever it is, it is worth it to have Ron receive the care that he needs. He fell yesterday - not really "fell" but he said he slid down onto the floor. He didn't have his leg attached securely and he just came right out of it. That sounds familiar. But he was able to get help there to get back up, whereas at home he did not. Now, he's supposed to ring for assistance if he wants to get up. He said he doesn't need it but when he asked me to take his leg off last night, it wasn't even attached. He was surprised and said he thought it was hooked on. Hmmm.... no wonder he fell earlier.

My sister made a couple of signs for his door. One says "PawPaw's Place" and the other says "Crampa's Corner." Anna calls him PawPaw and Isaiah has always called him Crampa. (Anna is pretty insistent that when I go see PawPaw, I can't stay at his "new housch" and I must come home.) We took a nice television down for him, plus I got him a Blu-Ray player that is Netflix ready. I had cable and Internet hooked up, and he's got his phone, laptop, and tablet. The man is set with electronics. He also has his lift chair, a nightstand, lamp, and radio. He sleeps in his chair so he's pretty comfortable.

Ron said the food is pretty good. He thought he was gaining weight from the food so he cut back, and still was gaining. I think it is the CHD that is causing the problem because he's still full of fluid. He went back to the doctor today but I haven't had a chance to find out what the doctor said.

My posts these days are so boring. LOL! What else is there to talk about? I had cortisone injections in both shoulders - trying to avoid surgery. That would be a trip. NOT. I'm trying to find something to wear to my son's wedding - in TWO WEEKS! I haven't found anything yet. Oh wait, I haven't looked yet! Tomorrow, I'm going shopping with Amy and the bride.

It's bedtime. Maybe I can think of something interesting tomorrow. Maybe I'll post my shopping find. Maybe not.