Getting Tangled

April 12, 2013

I am trying to do some practice with tangles but I frequently forget to bring things to work. OK - I always forget them. I usually work through my lunch but sometimes I like to read the Tangle blogs. One of them I frequent is that of "I am the diva" who is a Certified Zentangle instructor. She has weekly challenges, which I look at but rarely participate in.

This week's challenge (found here) involved using a square, within a square, within a square, etc. I thought it sounded intriguing and something that I could probably do. I wanted to actually do this one without looking at the ideas of others first. My first three squares - no problem. I had what I wanted in each of them. But, when it came to the outside square, I was at a loss for ideas. 

I finally found one here that I thought I could base an idea on and not "copy" exactly (sorry Linda; it's closer than I thought it would be). 

I almost didn't enter this into the challenge because it's drawn on regular paper with an ultra fine Sharpie. Not the best drawing materials but I knew if I tried to wait until Saturday to do it, it would never get done.

I decided that the practice was worth it and even if it's very amateurish compared to others, it's an opportunity for me to improve.

It's not great, but not too shabby for a Sharpie!

I hope you like it. I only had a mechanical pencil to do shading with so I know it could be better.


February 26, 2013

Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to a relatively new art form, called Zentangle. We've all probably spent many hours "doodling" on paper when we're supposed to be taking notes (such as in dull classes or dull meetings) and I'm sure that the exercise of creating these doodles were relaxing.

Combine those doodles with abstract art and you have the "tangle" part of the equation. Get really involved in your project so you tune out your surroundings and totally relax. Now, you have the "zen" portion.

If you're artistic, you can probably look at something and create a tangle design from it. If you're like me, you have to rely on using others' designs and putting your own flare to it.

I took a beginner's class in January from a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). She taught us five different patterns and then gave us an exercise. Take four of the designs and create our own 3.5 x 3.5 inch square. We all drew a modified "Z" on our square and used each of the four sections for one design.

This was my first tangle:

 I had such a good time (and felt so totally stress-free - the first time in a long time), I bought some supplies and a couple of books and decided to do this at home, too.

These were my next attempts (I still need a lot of practice):

I did some more shading on the bottom one (after I took the picture), which made it look a little better. I also added some color to the top one but decided I was happier with it before I added color. You just never know...

I started searching the Zentangle blogs out there and came across one that had weekly challenges. I submitted this one (the only one that I've submitted). It's the Moebius symbol (her son has the disorder, which I had never heard of).

I was really not impressed with it, but it wasn't bad considering the patterns were totally new to me.

I started an owl but haven't finished it yet because I'm not happy with the direction it's going. It's supposed to look like the one in the book.

I've only drawn one more since then (been busy with life) and I've signed up to take the next class in two weeks. I'll learn some shading and coloring techniques. That should bring some of this to life.

I thought this one turned out very nicely. It has a total of five patterns (one repeats) and took me about three hours to do. But, I totally zoned out while I was drawing and had a great time with myself.

My friend is very talented and she sent a couple of drawings to me. One was my initial and it turned out so lovely!

I will be posting more (hopefully) in the near future!


colenic said...

love them!!

thisisme said...

Waow! What a great new hobby you have found there! They look really good.

Mynx said...

these re really wonderful. I keep meaning to try zentangles sometime

Libbie Doyle said...

These are so cute! I didn't know you could take a class to do that! Pretty cool...something I would LOVE! Keep it up girl! Looks like fun!

Lisa Richards said...

Great tangles! I'm planning to check out Sharpies since some of them are waterproof and I'd love to be able to do watercolors with them!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Your tile (yes I know, common paper :-) is beautiful.