Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One purchase down

Scored on a washer/dryer set that is less than five years old for $150 for the set (same set that I was two minutes late on the other day; she never showed up to pay for them). Just need to pick them up on Saturday and my wonderful SIL will be assisting in that. I'll be renting an appliance dolly to help.

Not even going to worry about anything else until we're in and settled. Rex and Amy are loaning us a bed so we're good on that count, too.

Now if I could just get the rest of my world to line up like it's supposed to, I'll call it good.

I better call it "good" anyway and get to bed.... Good Night!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Up one, down one

Eh - it's the story of how things go around here.

Right now, I'm having discussions with several medical suppliers (doctors, pathologists, labs, etc.) who seem to think that even though they came to the hospital to see Ron, they can bill me outside of what insurance pays (because they can) and force me to pay. Right now, I'm dealing with close to $1,000 (maybe more with the newest bill I just received) from providers who've said that we owe on top of what insurance has paid because that's how they do their billing.

Not fun... A couple are threatening collection. I'm not opposed to paying what we owe - I just don't think we owe these. When Ron was a patient at any Wichita hospital, we never, ever, EVER got a bill above and beyond what insurance paid (for any service provided or on behalf of the hospital). He starts going to Newton hospital and all I've done for months is fight charges.

It's getting old... Will sure put a big damper on things to try and work those into the budget. Not happening in January or February at all.


Ron got a good report from Dr. A. yesterday. His potassium is finally back down to normal and we have avoided a hospital stay. Yay! Score one for him! He's lost well over 30 pounds since mid-December (and closer to 50 from early December when he was in for CHF). Dr. A. was very pleased and doesn't want to see him for three months. The home health nurse will continue to come 3x a week this week and next, then 2x week for a month, and then 1x week for a month. That's the most he's planned and may cut it down from there depending on how Ron does over the course of the next few weeks.


Many years ago (I mean 30+), I worked for a company in NKC, MO with my former SIL. The company was relocating and had a contest for who could come up with the best moving slogan and poster. I'm no artist - I really can't draw at all. But, I can see (in my mind) what I want stuff to look like. My SIL could draw so I told her what I wanted and she drew the poster for me. I did the poem (it was cheesy but it was over 30+ ago so I can be forgiven). The theme was how everyone could help with the move.

Imagine a building at the top of the poster and another one at the bottom of the poster, then a winding road going from the first one to the other. Along the road, you have moving trucks, people carrying things, and animated equipment (servers, computers, desks, chairs, etc.) moving themselves to the new location. It loses some in translation, but it was really cute. And, I won. At the time, it was a whopping $5 prize (big bucks in 1979). The poem was something along the lines of "moving day is so much fun, we'll all help one by one. Count the days till moving day and ..." that's all I can remember. It had a calendar attached to it so the pages could be taken off each day.

Anyway, I had a dream a couple of nights ago about that poster, only instead of equipment and people lined up to move from building-to-building, it was people who'd pulled up in front of our 6-plex, they went in the front door, picked up something to load up, and out the slider to move to the new location. LOL - that would be so nice except I don't know that many people and last time I checked, my stuff hadn't grown arms and legs to move itself.

LOL - So if any of you know any way to animate furniture and boxes, let me know. I could use some magic here. hahaha!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Two things...

Ron's had his blood drawn three times last week and then again today. Potassium was still dangerously high on Friday (6.0) and that was after he'd been given two doses of the potassium-reducing resin drug. Today, it was FINALLY back down to normal! He's lost a few more pounds and his blood pressure is looking better. We are pleased and so was his doctor today.

Still haven't found any of the items I need except for a table. Our oldest daughter's mother (Ron's ex-wife) has a table in her basement that we can have. It's got some scratches but will look fine with a table cloth on it. LOL - I just need to get a table cloth! I think I'll check with the Agape Resource Center in Newton and see if I can trade them this Walmart table and 4 chairs (worth about $50) for 4 chairs that are sturdier than the Walmart chairs. Only problem is their hours... I'm not sure they're open the hours that would benefit me but I'll try.

I had my eye on a Kenmore washer and dryer for $150 but I was literally two minutes too late to purchase it. Same for a dining room set (oak pedestal table/6 chairs). Oh well... no biggie.


I came across a Facebook posting for help in raising items (beanies, bags, hats, etc.) for small cancer patients. You can read about the project here.

I don't sew, crochet, or knit - but I do sell Thirty-One Gifts as an Independent Consultant. I will donate 50% of my profit for every Cinch-Sac ordered (item 3039; note that Paparazzi Dots and Camo will not be available after January 31st, 2012 but there are new patterns coming out February 1, 2012) and for every Thermal Tote (zip-it or cinch-it) ordered (they are currently on sale until January 31). The Web site will change on February 1, 2012 to show the new Spring items. You can order directly from or by sending me an email at

One of my cousins died from leukemia when she was four years old so I have a personal reason for wanting to donate. I will make this promise for every cinch-sack and thermal tote sold via this post from now until March 1, 2012. Please note in the “specal instructions” or in email to me that you ordered through Project 16.

If you'd like to order something for this project (or if you knit/crochet and want to donate hats - go to the project site), just let me know. I will post how many of the fund-raising items I've sold and the $$ amount of my donation.

Guess that was more than two things. LOL!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Having a bit of a lazy day (so far) today. I have a box of stuff to send my DIL for the kids (winter clothes) and since the USPS is raising rates effective tomorrow, I bet it gets sent via UPS instead. Looks like a trip out to the nearest UPS store is in my future. I'm trying to get some of the boxes of "stuff" taken care of.

I was going to work in our little shed today but it's too darn cold out there. Brrrrr! Maybe later.

Do any of you watch HGTV shows? The one I'm thinking of in particular is My First Home (or something like that). It chronicles the steps couples take trying to purchase their first home. They have a "vision" of how a particular room in their new home will look once they get all moved in. HGTV ends up taking care of that vision and giving the room of their dreams.  LOL - I need an HGTV moment. My vision is going into my new rental and finding the missing furniture that I don't have (washer/dryer, table/chairs, etc.) and a bedroom that's fully functional for Ron and I. Not going to happen and I'm well aware of it but... when facing taking care of this daunting task pretty much on my own, it doesn't hurt to have little mini-daydreams.

My son-in-law says to not stress; it will get all taken care of. He says that we can make multiple trips with his pick-up and trailer (he's got a small trailer he built) and if we don't have bad weather, that's great. If we do, then we will have a problem. Renting a covered truck is out of the question right now. I can't expect people to work in bad weather. Kris, Stacey, Rex, Amy, and Keith will be bearing the brunt of the carrying; I'm sure that Lindsay will come with Keith and I know that she'll help but she's a little bitty thing so I don't know how strong she is, either. I'll work as hard as I can but I can't do a lot of heavy lifting.

Poor Ron - he started crying the other night and I felt so sorry for him. He said it just breaks his heart that all of this pressure of the move is on my shoulders and he knows he's not even strong enough to hold Anna. The only thing he'll be able to do is stay out of the way. He said it hurst so bad that I have to be the "man" in all of the household stuff. I don't want to rely too much on Rex and Amy (they do have a life they need to live) and Rex is such a generous person that he says he doesn't mind. Amy doesn't want the rest of the kids to think that just because we're in the same town that Rex is going to be the "do-all" for us, and we don't either. It is hard because Aaron isn't capable due to disabilities, Shaun is in WA and obviously not available, Tim - well, he's just Tim and never puts out effort for anyone, and the others live 45+ miles away. So, when we have an emergency or an immediate need, Rex gets stuck being the son called.

I don't want to put all of that on him, either. Moving to the cheaper place will free up some resources so I can rely on taking my car in for repairs or whatever needs to be done. It's just getting there that's going to be the problem.

I know, I'm just rambling. Sometmes it helps to do that. It gets the stuff out of my mind and helps me start with a clear plan. I have a free table (going to look at it today) we can use and I've got 4 chairs that will work. Ron can't use any of them because they're not sturdy enough for him. There's also a queen bed and frame available to us if I think it will work. Going to look at it, too. I wish I knew the room measurement so I'd know exactly what would fit and what won't. We will probably miss our king bed but I really don't think there's room for it and two nightstands. We need those because we each use ours. Ron HAS to have his for the lamp, his bi-pap, and it's where he keeps his socket socks. For him, it's a mini-dresser. I use mine for the lamp and my nighttime stuff - and the telephone. If I needed to, I would give mine up. I wouldn't like it, but I would live with it.

If the free things work out, I'll be able to buy a washer/dryer sooner and then work on saving money to buy the sofa from Stacey. Her husband wants $400 and we have to pay for it completely before we take it. That's OK - they need the $$ to be able to replace it. It just might be a while. Rex is trying to find us another lift chair for Ron. I know how much they cost new and they're out of the question; I bought the first one used and it lasted a year. I'm afraid of having the same problem. But I know that Ron really needs one. What a Catch-22 situation! This is where my HGTV vision would come in very handy! hahahahaha!

Guess my lazy day needs to come to an end.

You all have a blessed weekend. Thanks for letting me rant. If you've read this far, please join me in welcoming my newest follower, Vicki. We work at the same place and she's one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. She's let me vent via IM many times and always has an encouraging word for me. Thanks, Vicki.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moving date and such

Moving date is "officially" February 11 because that's when I can get the most help. That's fine with me because it gives me more time to go back in and clean up where we are vacating. And, I don't have to worry about getting "everything" because I can come back. In fact, I'm actually going to get possession as early as February 1 (if I want it, but it's a matter of money) so I'll probably see if I can take possession on the 6th.

I have never moved anywhere this quickly before. I don't have boxes. I don't have any "plans" made up. No lists. No "gotta do this" things written down. I'm flying by the seat of my pants. So new for me. LOL!

Ron's doctor had the nurse draw blood again last night. His BUN is very wacky but the potassium is starting to come down a bit. I got to work from home today because we were expecting to hear from the doctor's office. He's feeling better today than he was yesterday, so that's good. Lots of people are praying for him and we're grateful.

Our friend, Chuck, offered us a queen bed (mattress only) and I think I found a frame with captain's drawers and a headboard with storage (which we need for Ron's bi-pap machine) for $400. She'll hold it until we move and I think I can squeeze out enough money from my paycheck and Ron's retirement check to buy it. If not, then we'll figure something else out. Chuck can bring us the mattress any time and we can put it on the floor. Ron can't get up off the floor, but he could use the twin bed until we can get the rest of the bed.

Next on the list is a washer and dryer. I can live without one, but hauling clothes out in the winter would not be fun. There are plenty of used ones on Craigslist so I'm confident that by March I'll be able to swing a set. After that, we have a small matter of seating. LOL - as in "none" except for Ron's recliner and my recliner. Our oldest daughter has a sofa that we can buy (it was new in August for $800) for $400 and she will let me put it in "lay-away" at her house. So, by the end of April or March, we should have a bed, sofa, and washer/dryer. LOL - I can always hope!

And, how has your week been going???


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's official...

Looks like moving day is sometime between Feb 1 and Feb 18, 2012. Never thought we'd be moving this soon (it's been 10 months) but so very grateful that we've found something that we can afford, even if Ron has to go into assisted living, or worse. I paid the $450 deposit today (my sister called me up and volunteered to give me a short-term loan - 2 weeks - so I didn't lose this opportunity) and gave our 30-day notice to the Villa. I happened to see Brenda, the sales manager, this afternoon while we were at lunch and she agreed that it was a very good move for us. She said that we aren't the only ones in this predicament with insurance and medical expenses.

I took some pictures with my cell phone and they turned out OK but not the best. I also didn't think of it in time to really plan the pictures. But, here they are. I'll take better pictures next time I'm inside.

Front. The side door goes into a one-car garage.

Back. The white fence divides the two yards.

 Kitchen (from the dining room) - on the side of the fridge that you can't see is another set of cabinets, lower and upper, with counter space. You can kind of see where Amy is standing at the end of the kitchen that leads to the mudroom/laundry area. There's a cabinet right by her and then a broom closet.

The living room from the corner of the kitchen and dining room.

This may be the master bedroom; they look a lot alike and are close to the same in size.

The 2nd bedroom

This is coming into the mudroom/laundry from the garage. The door you can see in reflected in the mirror goes into the garage. Directly across from there is the door into the 3/4 bath. The empty space is the washer/dryer area and then the sink is what "should" be in the bathroom but the bathroom is too small to hold a shower + toilet + sink. The cabinet you can barely see is a broom closet and it's next Amy in the Kitchen photo.

Ron and Rex met up with the landlord yesterday and Mr. John said he thought we'd be great tenants. He's going to add rails in the main bathroom to make it easier for Ron. It's already got a raised toilet so that's a good thing.

We're excited.

On the other side - we got a call from Ron's kidney doctor today. His potassium is up (6) and his creatinin is up. The doctor discontinued the new blood pressure medicine and the potassium medicine and changed his Lasix dosage. We could be headed to the hospital in kidney failure. Blood work will be repeated in one week and the nurse will be receiving new orders from the doctor to check Ron's blood pressure standing and sitting. Right now, Ron's barely "voiding" during the day and nothing at night. He's drinking the amount of fluids he's supposed to be and we're watching his foods. He actually is eating very little. He's down to 254 pounds fully dressed, including "leg" and brace. He weighed 295 in the hospital without his leg or brace. That's a lot of fluid to lose in a little over a month.

We're not so excited about that turn of events.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ron's dream

Ron had this dream last night and it was so vivid that it woke him about 6:00 AM this morning. It's not often that he remembers his dreams, but this one he did. I wonder if any of you ever have dreams that you analyze and what you think of this one.

Ron said,
I was lying on the bed with plates of food being placed on my (down my chest), and putting money down as well to keep it for them and they’d come back later and get it.

Then, I was going somewhere and ended up in a country or city I didn’t recognize; didn’t know where I was. There were a lot of people walking around; I kept asking where I was and they didn’t answer or they didn’t know. I had money in my wallet but it was odd denominations ($25 bill; $35 bill) that I wanted to change to the local currency; I wanted to call you (Teresa) and tell you where I was. I wanted you to help me figure out how to get home

When I picked up my cell phone and looked at the screen, it showed low battery and SEL. I finally found someone in a building that had a lot of different doors in it. I came to an area that looked like an information center. Went to the counter and asked the man if he could exchange my cash for something that would work there. He asked for my ID and when I showed him my driver's license – punched some information into a machine and it came back with Ron Williams had been killed.

I was startled and said “what?” he said “it says here that Ron Williams has been killed. And then, I woke up.

To top that off, today during a television show we were watching, the preacher (a Christian rabbi) talked about dreams. He said to not try to immediately figure out what the dream meant. He said to (instead) write it down and try to figure the meaning later after you've had a chance to think about it.

Ron and I talked about it today and part of what we've come up with is that we've got a lot on our plate and no matter what we do, we've not had the correct amount of money for the task at hand. We know that we're not going to Washington so I know the money has nothing to do with that.

I did come across a cheaper place to live yesterday that we're going to look into. This is on the same street as Amy and Rex (at the other end; they're in the 700 block and this is in the 500 block) and is the smaller half of a two-unit building (a duplex). It has been available before and I asked Rex if he knew what they rented for. He said he'd heard they rented for close to $1,000 per month. That was not a good number so I shelved it. It's available again and I called on it yesterday. It's only $675 per month! $450 deposit and one year lease agreement. It has two bedrooms and 1 3/4 bathrooms (the 3/4 bath is tiny - but it is an extra toilet and shower!). The kitchen is totally awesome and is something out of a magazine (the owner is a cabinet builder so it's truly custom!). The main bathroom is very big and Ron can get in and out of it easier than the tiny bathroom we have now. The main thing we'd lose by leaving the Villa is .... well, I can't really find much that we'd lose. Our current rent is $1630 per month (it goes down to $1330 in May) so we'd save a minimum of $655 per month (counting from May forward; March and April it would be nearly $1,000 savings).

The owner pays water and takes care of all outside work - mowing, snow removal, etc. He put in a water softener and takes care of the salt for it because he wants a certain grade salt. He's a bit particular but also very nice. I think he'd make sure the repairs that might need to happen actually happen.

I was upfront with him and how we got to where we are and said I'd never stiffed anyone in my life. He wants the whole $450 right away; I have $150 and told him I could give him the other in two weeks. He wasn't thrilled but said he'd see. He's got one other person interested and the first person who gives him the money will get the duplex. So... holding my breath to see if I can come up with the $450 first. LOL!

I don't know what the dream had to do with the conversation we had regarding moving, but Ron knows that if something happens to him I have 30 days to move. Not many places around for $675 that are this clean and convenient. He honestly thinks that we need to go ahead and get our assets (such as they are) separated and to look into him moving into the assisted living side of things. I don't think he needs assisted living. I'm not sure what he needs but I don't think that he's at that stage yet.

If we can get this duplex we'd be moving about the time that we would have gone to WA. Amy had said that she had a very strong feeling that I was not supposed to go to WA then. So, what to do, what to do...

Any thoughts?

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm really not wishy-washy...

There are people who, in their well-meaning ways, say things that are actually hurtful. It’s not my nature to get offended as much as just hurt that they think this way (and, for the record – I’m not talking about anyone HERE in my blogosphere world). This is an actual IRL friend of the family. He really does have Ron’s best interests in mind (worried about his overall health and all that) and worried that if anything happened to Ron that I’d be homeless. He knows that I’m not old enough to live at the Villa on my own. He doesn’t believe that me working extra hours at a different job or trying to put together the money for the trip would be in Ron’s best interests (or even my own). He knows that it’s not the thought of the work that is daunting because I’m not a quitter (and he also knows that I’m not looking for a handout; I’m truly looking for a way to pay for it myself and make it something that Ron would enjoy). He thinks that the trip would take too big of a toll on Ron and if I came up with the money to go, I should put it elsewhere.

Maybe he’s right. Maybe he’s not. I don’t guess that I’ll ever really find out because the likelihood of me putting the money together is somewhere between “nil” and “non-existent.” In fact, I emailed Shaun and Jenny today and told them that I believe it is out of the realm of what I’m capable of doing. When Ron went into the hospital again the first part of December, it reinforced to me just how fragile his overall health is. We can “think” that he’s better (and he really is) but taking the risk that he’ll come home as healthy as he left home is very much an issue. The thing that more hurt my feelings more than anything though was the “so what, I want to go to Paris but I can’t” attitude that our friend has. Going to Paris or any other country is so totally out of comparison that I really didn’t even know what to say (besides, money is not something that prevents him from doing anything that he wants to do) . That’s like comparing apples to oranges. Yes, they’re both round, fruit, and good for you but that’s about the end of what can be compared. This trip does not belong in the same category.

I could try to do the Tiger Cruise from San Diego to WA, but I’m not sure there is enough time to plan that (saving money for one airline ticket – coach – is much different than for two – business class) and get the paperwork taken care of. And, who would make sure that Ron was OK?

Taking Ron on a long trip is probably not in his best interests right now, no matter how much we want to pretend that he can handle it. On top of that, if he’s gone “out of town” on a pleasure trip, then Medicare will quit sending the visiting nurse (he comes 3x week) to check on him because he would not be considered a shut-in. Right now, our doctor is having Charles (the nurse) come and feels that is one thing that is helping to keep him well enough and still on the road to recovery – and out of the hospital.

Right now, though… I’m struggling with the whole pity party thing… I know that sacrificing for those we love is a good thing and I’m not mad at anyone that I have to. Just disappointed that the choices in my life have come to this. LOL – I gave him my computer, gave him my tablet, and now I’m canceling a great vacation for him, too. (I’m sure that sounds perfectly terrible of me to say and I don’t mean for it to, but if that’s how it comes across – oh well. That’s life in the fast lane!)

OK - all that said... here's the facts... I don't have to LIKE them, I just learn to LIVE with them. Ron knows that he can't make the trip and he doesn't want to restrict me - BUT, big but here... he also doesn't think that he can make it here on his own without me. He gets lonely when I'm just gone an extended amount of time in the day. If I save my money, I can look forward to taking a long weekend and going to see them after the new baby is born.

I can dream all I want that things would be different but that won't change the facts. This is my life. It's not always fun and I resent the h-e-l-l out of things sometimes. But, I'm honest about it. I'm no angel and I'm no martyr, either. I hate having to give up things. I guess that's because I'm just a measly human with human failings.

Still… ihs

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today is a wonderful day!

Isaiah is officially Rex's son and has a new name to boot...

Isaiah Nicholas

He picked his middle name for his mom (her middle name is Nicole).


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just $1...

Preface and update: What touches my heart may not touch yours. What I choose to contribute to, you may not. I would rather donate to people than to organizations (unless I know that I know that I know the money I donate goes to what it's supposed to go to). I might get scammed every once in a while but if "I" pass on the opportunity to reach out a helping hand, and keep my pittance in my pocket, then where does that leave me? With a buck or two still in my pocket, but no peace over having done what I could. I'm a giver by nature. In the past I've given away my winter coat (more than once), the gloves off my hands (more than once), all of the food in my pantry and my freezer (yeah... more than once), and the last dollar in my wallet. I've been blessed way beyond what those small sacrifices cost. I would rather take the risk that someone might not be exactly truthful than to be the person who could have (and should have) reached out and didn't.

The story you're about to read is true and has been verified. The lady in the story is not asking for help; in fact, she is not the person who is spearheading the effort in place. She is a new independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts and her story was told in a short video shared with other consultants.

A story was recently shared with me that touched my heart…

A young lady, a single mother of a small child, recently moved back into her childhood home to help her father. He had been going through a rather rough patch, a nasty divorce, and she wanted to be there for him. She is trying to go to school and take care of herself and her daughter – and to provide a better life and education for her daughter. She has looked back on the decisions she has made and realized that she could have made better choices if she’d had better education and choices. She wants to provide that for her daughter.

During the course of all of this, her father found out the house is possibly going into foreclosure. This would make this whole family homeless and many people are touched by her story. Very few of us are in the position to do anything independently and alone, but together we can move mountains.

There are hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands, of people who are being told her story and many of those people are sending her small amounts of cash – as little as $1 – to help her keep a roof over her head and that of her father and daughter.

I don’t have a lot of extra right now, but I do have a $5 bill in my wallet that is going out in today’s mail. If you’re interested in donating any money to her, or just sending her a note of encouragement, let me know and I’ll email you her address. If you’d like to share her story on your blog, just let me know. You can have your followers email me for her address. I don’t want to just put her address out there for just anyone to have so I won’t share her address with people that you (my followers) wouldn’t recommend.



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New pictures

I've been a bit remiss in adding pictures to my blog. We've really enjoyed being able to watch as Anna changes (it's a daily thing!) and Isaiah has been having fun with my phone camera. He's got his own camera but no one knows where it is, so he takes my phone and takes pictures. Lots of pictures. Thankfully, I can delete more than I keep.

The mother of Amy's SIL gave her this outfit for Anna. It's adorable and I just had to have a picture of her wearing it.

For Christmas, I'd gotten Anna a K-State tutu and she wore it the other night (when K-State lost in the Cottonbowl, but we won't talk about THAT fiasco!).

This past weekend, we went to KCMO to visit my mom. She's in a rehabilitation center and hadn't been doing too well so I wanted to take Ron up to see her. (She seems to be much better, so that is a relief.) I was wearing my new(ish) glasses and since I don't have any prescription sunglasses, I put my regular sunglasses over these. Looking stylish, eh??? (Just love taking self-photos. NOT! I don't know how people manage to look cute when they're taking their own picture. I certainly don't!)

It actually didn't work out very well. I need to order sunglasses since I have lost my last prescription sunglasses. But, Coastal Contacts has great prices on all of their stuff. A lot of times you can get your first pair free (just pay for extras and shipping/handling). In fact, my glasses cost $15.89 total - including shipping. And. they're very cute!

Still thinking about how I can get to WA with Ron. Had a nice talk with my DIL yesterday and we each shared some concerns - me about how she's worrying too much about how Ron gets around, her about how she's worried he'll fall down the stairs, etc. Not sure we reached an agreement but we're trying to work it out.

Better get... break-time is over!


Monday, January 9, 2012

People, just people

I like the Ellen show but don't really get to watch it because I work during the day. But, I frequently will check her Web site to see who was on or who is going to be on so I can decide if I'm going to record it for later. One day I discovered that she had posted who you'd like to meet. I didn't fill it out but it did get me to thinking.

Who would I like to meet if there was no barrier to doing so…..

Most people would probably put Ellen thinking that sucking up would make them be chosen. It might – but I really think she was looking for honest answers, not suck-up answers. I’d like to meet her but I wouldn’t say so just to get on her show. I’d like to meet her but because I think she’s a genuine person and she interests me.

I’d like to meet people who Ron used to know in his “former” life – Sinbad, John McBride – for reasons that I’ve posted before.

I’d like to meet some people who I think are truly great in their industries (and some who are up there and I’m surprised by it) to ask what was the launching point in their careers, even though they may have had challenges along the way. (I don’t necessarily like “how” some operate but would like to know what made them operate in this way.)
If there were no obstacles, I'd like to meet some of these people (listed in no particular order):
Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, Linda Lael Miller (she has a lot of mistakes in her books), Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Sarah Ferguson, Sylvia, The Oak Ridge Boys (I've actually met them but not really "met" them), The Statlers, Gary Morris (he's got the most amazing voice - where did he disappear to???), Michelle Duggar, Tanya Tucker, Loretta Lynn, probably more people but my mind is not functioning the best right now, and friends I’ve met through blogging, and just plain ole’ everyday average people who have carved a successful niche…

Deceased people – Eugenia Price, Corrie Ten Boom, Elvis (eh, maybe), Laura Ingalls Wilder, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope (people who could make you laugh without using profanity or vulgarity).

Not that I'd ever be able to meet any of the folks I've mentioned (the living ones - LOL!). There may be a chance that I'd meet some of my blogger friends. That would be truly cool. And, remarkable!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


When I lost my hearing (in 2000), I was devastated. It was unexpected and no one could really tell me how and why it happened. I have never been told why it might have happened except there is a genetic tendency in my family for hearing loss. My mom has lost the hearing in her left ear, one of my brothers lost his hearing in his left ear, my youngest sister has decreased hearing in her right ear, and I'm totally deaf in my right ear. Of the four of us, my brother and my sister each had tumors - although different types - but my mom and I just woke up deaf for no apparent reason.

I did the whole faith thing, praying and attended healing services. I believed - and still believe in miracles. I believe in unexplainable healing. I believed (and still believe) that God could reach down and totally restore my hearing and restore the restored balance nerve.

I never wavered. I didn't pray for it every day; I didn't go to every healing prayer service that people told me about. I knew that I knew that I knew... it would happen IF it was to happen and would happen when HE was ready for it.

So, is it "faith" if someone chooses to use medical intervention for healing? God can do miraculous healing ~or~ He can give humans the opportunity to use the knowledge HE has given to them to perform healing from a different direction.

I believe the path I took to have hearing restored is no less miraculous than if I'd had the instant, no explanation available, healing.

Looks like the ship return is a no-go

Such a shame... Ron was really looking forward to it. He's decided that he's not able to get around Shaun and Jenny's 2-story house. The bedrooms are upstairs, as is the bathroom/shower. There is a 1/2 bath downstairs but it's not really handicap accessible. He would have to sleep on the sofa or in the recliner (which is not that big of a deal but not great) and he could get into the bathroom, it would not be easy.

Going up and down the stairs 2-3 times a day are just more than he can muster. There's no way I can afford the airline tickets, a rental car, and seven nights in a hotel (we're looking at around $2,000 for all that - give or take and I've got nothing of value I could sell or trade). If it was just me, I could sleep on the sofa or get an air mattress. I have no mobility problems. But, I've seen his ship return and he has not. I won't go without him because that would be unfair. Shaun is going to be very disappointed that we're not coming but I told him to not blame Jenny for it. Shaun really wanted to show Ron around the base. He is very proud of his accomplishments and wanted his dad to see that part of his life. Ron wants to see it.

He had about decided that if we couldn't afford a hotel, he didn't want to go. It was a pretty easy decision for him to make once he found out that Jenny would prefer we not come if he's not able to get around the house easily and she didn't want the added stress. I understand her concerns (to a point; he's MY concern - not hers) but I have to admit that there seems to be some underlying issues I'm not aware of or she wouldn't be putting so many stumbling blocks in our way.

You'd think she'd be on-board with the kids seeing their grandparents and Ron experiencing the ship return. I thought it was something to be excited about.

That's what I get for thinking.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

When I was doing my post last night, I did neglect to mention some very, VERY positive things about 2011. They are ALL OF YOU! I didn't neglect you on purpose. I am so blessed to have you all as my online (and some in person) friends. You have listened to me vent, rant, and rave. You may have {gently} smacked my hands (in the virtual sense) and helped to get me back on track. I thank you for that.

I thank you for always being there, no matter what time of day or night - through thick and thin - on holidays, weekdays, weekends, etc. - to read my jabber and offer support, sympathy, encouragement, advice, and virtual hugs. I value each and every one of you and I know the year would have been even harder to get through if I had not had this outlet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!