Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Having a bit of a lazy day (so far) today. I have a box of stuff to send my DIL for the kids (winter clothes) and since the USPS is raising rates effective tomorrow, I bet it gets sent via UPS instead. Looks like a trip out to the nearest UPS store is in my future. I'm trying to get some of the boxes of "stuff" taken care of.

I was going to work in our little shed today but it's too darn cold out there. Brrrrr! Maybe later.

Do any of you watch HGTV shows? The one I'm thinking of in particular is My First Home (or something like that). It chronicles the steps couples take trying to purchase their first home. They have a "vision" of how a particular room in their new home will look once they get all moved in. HGTV ends up taking care of that vision and giving the room of their dreams.  LOL - I need an HGTV moment. My vision is going into my new rental and finding the missing furniture that I don't have (washer/dryer, table/chairs, etc.) and a bedroom that's fully functional for Ron and I. Not going to happen and I'm well aware of it but... when facing taking care of this daunting task pretty much on my own, it doesn't hurt to have little mini-daydreams.

My son-in-law says to not stress; it will get all taken care of. He says that we can make multiple trips with his pick-up and trailer (he's got a small trailer he built) and if we don't have bad weather, that's great. If we do, then we will have a problem. Renting a covered truck is out of the question right now. I can't expect people to work in bad weather. Kris, Stacey, Rex, Amy, and Keith will be bearing the brunt of the carrying; I'm sure that Lindsay will come with Keith and I know that she'll help but she's a little bitty thing so I don't know how strong she is, either. I'll work as hard as I can but I can't do a lot of heavy lifting.

Poor Ron - he started crying the other night and I felt so sorry for him. He said it just breaks his heart that all of this pressure of the move is on my shoulders and he knows he's not even strong enough to hold Anna. The only thing he'll be able to do is stay out of the way. He said it hurst so bad that I have to be the "man" in all of the household stuff. I don't want to rely too much on Rex and Amy (they do have a life they need to live) and Rex is such a generous person that he says he doesn't mind. Amy doesn't want the rest of the kids to think that just because we're in the same town that Rex is going to be the "do-all" for us, and we don't either. It is hard because Aaron isn't capable due to disabilities, Shaun is in WA and obviously not available, Tim - well, he's just Tim and never puts out effort for anyone, and the others live 45+ miles away. So, when we have an emergency or an immediate need, Rex gets stuck being the son called.

I don't want to put all of that on him, either. Moving to the cheaper place will free up some resources so I can rely on taking my car in for repairs or whatever needs to be done. It's just getting there that's going to be the problem.

I know, I'm just rambling. Sometmes it helps to do that. It gets the stuff out of my mind and helps me start with a clear plan. I have a free table (going to look at it today) we can use and I've got 4 chairs that will work. Ron can't use any of them because they're not sturdy enough for him. There's also a queen bed and frame available to us if I think it will work. Going to look at it, too. I wish I knew the room measurement so I'd know exactly what would fit and what won't. We will probably miss our king bed but I really don't think there's room for it and two nightstands. We need those because we each use ours. Ron HAS to have his for the lamp, his bi-pap, and it's where he keeps his socket socks. For him, it's a mini-dresser. I use mine for the lamp and my nighttime stuff - and the telephone. If I needed to, I would give mine up. I wouldn't like it, but I would live with it.

If the free things work out, I'll be able to buy a washer/dryer sooner and then work on saving money to buy the sofa from Stacey. Her husband wants $400 and we have to pay for it completely before we take it. That's OK - they need the $$ to be able to replace it. It just might be a while. Rex is trying to find us another lift chair for Ron. I know how much they cost new and they're out of the question; I bought the first one used and it lasted a year. I'm afraid of having the same problem. But I know that Ron really needs one. What a Catch-22 situation! This is where my HGTV vision would come in very handy! hahahahaha!

Guess my lazy day needs to come to an end.

You all have a blessed weekend. Thanks for letting me rant. If you've read this far, please join me in welcoming my newest follower, Vicki. We work at the same place and she's one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. She's let me vent via IM many times and always has an encouraging word for me. Thanks, Vicki.



Bouncin Barb said...

Poor Ron...I can remember Rich feeling much the same way. Feeling awful that I had to take on so much responsibility. But that's what partnership in marriage is all about right? Still, men have their pride. We have a boatload of consignment stores around here and they have some great furniture for sale fairly cheap. Again, craigslist is great for used furnishings and appliances. Vent away Teresa. You've got good reason to and I so wish I would wave my Bloggy Godmother wand and make your HGTV dreams come true. Hugs is the best I can do for now!

Pat said...

You've got a lot going on right now. It will be nice once you're in the new place. Also it will be nice to have a little extra money available. Good luck with the move.

colenic said...

I am sorry that there is so much going on right now....sounds like a lazy day is just what you need...hugs and love to you both

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

I feel for Ron it must be hard on him seeing how hard it is for you each day. Although I have not heard of HGTV we have simplar things here in Australia and wonder at times how these people get picked.........I hope you do have fine weather for your move.

orchid said...

Hi! Dearest Teresa,
My heart breaks to think how Ron must be feeling now. He is really warmhearted man to think about you!!!
Oh, yes even in Japan we have TV show like you said (HGTV). I checked what it was with pc. Always making us jealous how well they renewed their house marvelously.
Hoping you will be able to have LOTS of lazy days, my friend☆☆☆
Love from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Mynx said...

Ramble all you need sweet lady. We are here for you to unload to.

It must be terribly hard for a man who once took control to have to watch his love doing it instead.

Hugs for you both in this stressful time

kneesandpaws said...

Dreams can come true through the practice of visualization. Keep your day dreams firmly in place! If you can make time for it, it would also be important to make a vision book or vision board. Think of the things you would love to have happen. Find a picture of that washer and dryer. A picture of that perfect bed. A yard with lots of pots of blooming plants...anything that you can dream up! And after you collect those pictures, put your vision book away for a little while. Then remember to notice when those things arrive in your life.

Lois said...

It is so important for you to have this forum to vent, to let it all out. I remember in Aug when my washer died, and then the used one I bought died and kept flooding the basement... Things were so bad last summer we just had to start to laugh. Just keep writing and remember to breathe. :)

labbie1 said...

Welcome Vicki! I can tell that you are appreciated!

Teresa, Perhaps you could keep the king bed and put a shelf across the head of the bed for all of the items needed? Or call the owner for the room dimensions. I bet he could give them to you lickety split!