Monday, January 9, 2012

People, just people

I like the Ellen show but don't really get to watch it because I work during the day. But, I frequently will check her Web site to see who was on or who is going to be on so I can decide if I'm going to record it for later. One day I discovered that she had posted who you'd like to meet. I didn't fill it out but it did get me to thinking.

Who would I like to meet if there was no barrier to doing so…..

Most people would probably put Ellen thinking that sucking up would make them be chosen. It might – but I really think she was looking for honest answers, not suck-up answers. I’d like to meet her but I wouldn’t say so just to get on her show. I’d like to meet her but because I think she’s a genuine person and she interests me.

I’d like to meet people who Ron used to know in his “former” life – Sinbad, John McBride – for reasons that I’ve posted before.

I’d like to meet some people who I think are truly great in their industries (and some who are up there and I’m surprised by it) to ask what was the launching point in their careers, even though they may have had challenges along the way. (I don’t necessarily like “how” some operate but would like to know what made them operate in this way.)
If there were no obstacles, I'd like to meet some of these people (listed in no particular order):
Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, Linda Lael Miller (she has a lot of mistakes in her books), Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Sarah Ferguson, Sylvia, The Oak Ridge Boys (I've actually met them but not really "met" them), The Statlers, Gary Morris (he's got the most amazing voice - where did he disappear to???), Michelle Duggar, Tanya Tucker, Loretta Lynn, probably more people but my mind is not functioning the best right now, and friends I’ve met through blogging, and just plain ole’ everyday average people who have carved a successful niche…

Deceased people – Eugenia Price, Corrie Ten Boom, Elvis (eh, maybe), Laura Ingalls Wilder, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope (people who could make you laugh without using profanity or vulgarity).

Not that I'd ever be able to meet any of the folks I've mentioned (the living ones - LOL!). There may be a chance that I'd meet some of my blogger friends. That would be truly cool. And, remarkable!


Lois said...

I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like her show. I think I have a weird humour button. I've often wondered about meeting people who have died and I think I would love to talk to my Great Grandmother who lived from 1865 to around 1967. She had a full life, and it makes me curious. And my long-lost 2nd or 3rd cousins in the States who we've lost track of completely... that would be nice.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I like Ellen, too. I think I would like to meet Paula Deen. Her family seems so genuine, and she is so down-home ......

But, like you, I think it would fun to meet my bloggy friends. I have already met Pat (A View From The Edge) and really liked her. She is a hoot.