Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just $1...

Preface and update: What touches my heart may not touch yours. What I choose to contribute to, you may not. I would rather donate to people than to organizations (unless I know that I know that I know the money I donate goes to what it's supposed to go to). I might get scammed every once in a while but if "I" pass on the opportunity to reach out a helping hand, and keep my pittance in my pocket, then where does that leave me? With a buck or two still in my pocket, but no peace over having done what I could. I'm a giver by nature. In the past I've given away my winter coat (more than once), the gloves off my hands (more than once), all of the food in my pantry and my freezer (yeah... more than once), and the last dollar in my wallet. I've been blessed way beyond what those small sacrifices cost. I would rather take the risk that someone might not be exactly truthful than to be the person who could have (and should have) reached out and didn't.

The story you're about to read is true and has been verified. The lady in the story is not asking for help; in fact, she is not the person who is spearheading the effort in place. She is a new independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts and her story was told in a short video shared with other consultants.

A story was recently shared with me that touched my heart…

A young lady, a single mother of a small child, recently moved back into her childhood home to help her father. He had been going through a rather rough patch, a nasty divorce, and she wanted to be there for him. She is trying to go to school and take care of herself and her daughter – and to provide a better life and education for her daughter. She has looked back on the decisions she has made and realized that she could have made better choices if she’d had better education and choices. She wants to provide that for her daughter.

During the course of all of this, her father found out the house is possibly going into foreclosure. This would make this whole family homeless and many people are touched by her story. Very few of us are in the position to do anything independently and alone, but together we can move mountains.

There are hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands, of people who are being told her story and many of those people are sending her small amounts of cash – as little as $1 – to help her keep a roof over her head and that of her father and daughter.

I don’t have a lot of extra right now, but I do have a $5 bill in my wallet that is going out in today’s mail. If you’re interested in donating any money to her, or just sending her a note of encouragement, let me know and I’ll email you her address. If you’d like to share her story on your blog, just let me know. You can have your followers email me for her address. I don’t want to just put her address out there for just anyone to have so I won’t share her address with people that you (my followers) wouldn’t recommend.



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