Sunday, January 8, 2012


When I lost my hearing (in 2000), I was devastated. It was unexpected and no one could really tell me how and why it happened. I have never been told why it might have happened except there is a genetic tendency in my family for hearing loss. My mom has lost the hearing in her left ear, one of my brothers lost his hearing in his left ear, my youngest sister has decreased hearing in her right ear, and I'm totally deaf in my right ear. Of the four of us, my brother and my sister each had tumors - although different types - but my mom and I just woke up deaf for no apparent reason.

I did the whole faith thing, praying and attended healing services. I believed - and still believe in miracles. I believe in unexplainable healing. I believed (and still believe) that God could reach down and totally restore my hearing and restore the restored balance nerve.

I never wavered. I didn't pray for it every day; I didn't go to every healing prayer service that people told me about. I knew that I knew that I knew... it would happen IF it was to happen and would happen when HE was ready for it.

So, is it "faith" if someone chooses to use medical intervention for healing? God can do miraculous healing ~or~ He can give humans the opportunity to use the knowledge HE has given to them to perform healing from a different direction.

I believe the path I took to have hearing restored is no less miraculous than if I'd had the instant, no explanation available, healing.


SkippyMom said...
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orchid said...

Dearest Teresa,
The feeling you experienced (in 2000) must be way beyond others imagination!!!
As a Japanese, I don't have abilities to comment in a Christianity point of view; but when I was little, I got so many "whys" not being able to grow like others (not as a woman either). It was not until I was high-school girl that I knew I have trouble with my pituitary gland. Haha, I might have had no faith in God at that time if I were a Christian.
We all must need "Faith" to survive in this hard world, musn't we?
I am asking hubby what he said many times and troubling him,p;)
Blessing to you and Lots of Love, xoxo Miyako*

PS> Thank you very much for your sweet comment today!!!
I really appreciate your correction, my friend.
I left return comment for you in my post’s comment column. Lately, I sometimes send return comment directly to the friend through mail. But this time I wished to put it there. I am happy if you stop by and read it.

Thisisme. said...

That must have been a terrible day back in 2000, Teresa, when you lost your hearing. I am so happy that it is better for you now. I still think that God has done the healing, because he gave the Surgeons their talent, and blessed their hands as they carried out the operation for you.