Monday, January 23, 2012

Two things...

Ron's had his blood drawn three times last week and then again today. Potassium was still dangerously high on Friday (6.0) and that was after he'd been given two doses of the potassium-reducing resin drug. Today, it was FINALLY back down to normal! He's lost a few more pounds and his blood pressure is looking better. We are pleased and so was his doctor today.

Still haven't found any of the items I need except for a table. Our oldest daughter's mother (Ron's ex-wife) has a table in her basement that we can have. It's got some scratches but will look fine with a table cloth on it. LOL - I just need to get a table cloth! I think I'll check with the Agape Resource Center in Newton and see if I can trade them this Walmart table and 4 chairs (worth about $50) for 4 chairs that are sturdier than the Walmart chairs. Only problem is their hours... I'm not sure they're open the hours that would benefit me but I'll try.

I had my eye on a Kenmore washer and dryer for $150 but I was literally two minutes too late to purchase it. Same for a dining room set (oak pedestal table/6 chairs). Oh well... no biggie.


I came across a Facebook posting for help in raising items (beanies, bags, hats, etc.) for small cancer patients. You can read about the project here.

I don't sew, crochet, or knit - but I do sell Thirty-One Gifts as an Independent Consultant. I will donate 50% of my profit for every Cinch-Sac ordered (item 3039; note that Paparazzi Dots and Camo will not be available after January 31st, 2012 but there are new patterns coming out February 1, 2012) and for every Thermal Tote (zip-it or cinch-it) ordered (they are currently on sale until January 31). The Web site will change on February 1, 2012 to show the new Spring items. You can order directly from or by sending me an email at

One of my cousins died from leukemia when she was four years old so I have a personal reason for wanting to donate. I will make this promise for every cinch-sack and thermal tote sold via this post from now until March 1, 2012. Please note in the “specal instructions” or in email to me that you ordered through Project 16.

If you'd like to order something for this project (or if you knit/crochet and want to donate hats - go to the project site), just let me know. I will post how many of the fund-raising items I've sold and the $$ amount of my donation.

Guess that was more than two things. LOL!



Rae said...

Sounds like a very worthy project you are working on. I hope you have great success.

Bouncin Barb said...

Your kindhearted ways never cease to amaze me. How nice of you to do this. I'm sure you will find exactly what you need for your new place. One room at a time! Hugs.

labbie1 said...

What a great way to give when you are strapped yourself! Wonderful!