Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New pictures

I've been a bit remiss in adding pictures to my blog. We've really enjoyed being able to watch as Anna changes (it's a daily thing!) and Isaiah has been having fun with my phone camera. He's got his own camera but no one knows where it is, so he takes my phone and takes pictures. Lots of pictures. Thankfully, I can delete more than I keep.

The mother of Amy's SIL gave her this outfit for Anna. It's adorable and I just had to have a picture of her wearing it.

For Christmas, I'd gotten Anna a K-State tutu and she wore it the other night (when K-State lost in the Cottonbowl, but we won't talk about THAT fiasco!).

This past weekend, we went to KCMO to visit my mom. She's in a rehabilitation center and hadn't been doing too well so I wanted to take Ron up to see her. (She seems to be much better, so that is a relief.) I was wearing my new(ish) glasses and since I don't have any prescription sunglasses, I put my regular sunglasses over these. Looking stylish, eh??? (Just love taking self-photos. NOT! I don't know how people manage to look cute when they're taking their own picture. I certainly don't!)

It actually didn't work out very well. I need to order sunglasses since I have lost my last prescription sunglasses. But, Coastal Contacts has great prices on all of their stuff. A lot of times you can get your first pair free (just pay for extras and shipping/handling). In fact, my glasses cost $15.89 total - including shipping. And. they're very cute!

Still thinking about how I can get to WA with Ron. Had a nice talk with my DIL yesterday and we each shared some concerns - me about how she's worrying too much about how Ron gets around, her about how she's worried he'll fall down the stairs, etc. Not sure we reached an agreement but we're trying to work it out.

Better get... break-time is over!



SkippyMom said...
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Thisisme. said...

Doesn't Amy look cute, and those little outfits are gorgeous! Good that Ron has been talking to your daughter in law. I am still hopeful that perhaps you might get something sorted out with that trip. Saw that photo of you with the two pairs of glasses on facebook - great! So glad that your mum is doing a bit better.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Amy is such a pretty little girl. Great pictures. You know Bruce wears his aviators over his glasses sometimes and he looks pretty cute to me and I think you look fine too. Who cares what others think anyway? Keep us posted on the WA trip/possibility. If its meant to be it will happen. Hugs!!

Silver Strands said...

SO glad you got around to posting pictures Teresa! Hope 2012 brings lots and lots of good things to you <3

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Babies make everything better, don't they?

kneesandpaws said...

Anna is a doll baby and I wish I could hold her! I like that you've shared a self portrait. I do the same thing with my glasses and sunglasses because I refuse to wear contacts!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cute babies!
Good luck with the WA negotiations.

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Photos of babies oh how I love babies

orchid said...

Dearest Teresa,
Wow, lovely pictures of Anna. Tutu is SO cute worn by her♡♡♡
Oh, you look nice on sunglasses♬♬♬ Haha,I can never take my own pictures by myself,p;)

Nice to hear that Ron met your mom and truly hope she'll be well enough to go home soon!!! Oh, yes it is hard to our parents fail in health. I found the site about assisted living/independent living apartment and learned a bit.
My dad still slightly feverish (about 100 degree I think, 37.5℃), but got out of critical situation.

I hope that both of you can find way to go to WA ☆☆☆ My fingers are crossed, my friend!!!
Lots of Love, Miyako

Jenn3128 said...

I agree, no talking about the K-State fiasco, I don't think I can handle it! Really thought The Hubs was going to throw the remote at the tv!

If you hadn't of said anything about your sunglasses I wouldn't even have noticed!

spokalulu said...

I can't take self-photos, either! But it seems to me you did a good job. :)

My dad always wore those clip-on visor style of sunglasses. If you can avoid those, you're doing great! :)

Kim Kasch said...

I love those pics - very fun :)