Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude

The time has come for me to move on in a new direction. With that, I've created a new blog, Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude, and have created a public Facebook page, Teresa Williams Attitude of Gratitude, to keep track of areas of inspiration and to (hopefully) inspire others.

This blog was a resource that I desperately needed during the most difficult years of Ron's illnesses. I'll forever be grateful to everyone who has stopped by and left words of encouragement or interacted with me in any way. You invited me into your lives and became a member of my world. Every single one of you has inspired me or impacted my life in some way. For those of you that I have connected with outside of this arena, I treasure that connection and friendship. I am humbled by the courage and grace exhibited by many of you, some in situations that I shudder to think of. Your prayers and comments have sustained me on more than one occasion.

I invite you to visit my new blog and to share with others.

May God bless you all.