Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dinner - Asian Style

We went to another fabulous Chinese restaurant today for lunch. It was equally as yummy as the previous restaurants have been. They had lettuce wraps on the menu so I ordered them, along with beef and broccoli. There was also the same spring roll in seaweed, a chicken dish (looked like moo goo gai pan), rice, rice noodle with chicken, rice noodle with shrimp, fried calamari, and 2-3 other things I'm sure I've forgotten. Again, it was served family style in the middle of the table.

I tried to pick up the tab for lunch today but Thomas and Tina would not let me. They said I was their "best" guest and could not possibly pay.

I know it's not nearly enough but I gave Wesley a $20 red envelope gift from Ron and I, and a $20 red envelope gift from Amy and Isaiah. Jenny said her parents would appreciate that gesture since Wesley is a college student and always strapped for cash. He purchased gifts for each of us, so this is the least I could do.

As far as the gifts go, I received an absolutely beautiful piece of wall art with a glass sculpture and Chinese saying (loosely translates to "If you have the love of family, you are wealthy") inscribed on the face of it, a beautiful lavender pashmina shawl/scarf, a Chinese coin purse (from Wesley), a Chinese wallet (from Cindy), slippers (from Wesley), a Beatrix Potter bar of soap and soap dish (also from Wesley), a magnetic "health" bracelet (it's gold-tone and white - very pretty), and I had already received a crystal dolphin from Shaun and Jenny. I know that one of the gifts from Thomas and Tina for Ron is a pashmina scarf, one is a magnetic bracelet, and one is a wall clock. Their generosity is so much that simple words alone could not possibly convey my appreciation.

I felt my gifts to them were woefully inadequate, but I was pleased to see they liked them. Jenny's dad is an avid gardener so he was really impressed with the sunflower plate. They probably need more than 12 place card holders so I think I'll tell Jenny the website where I purchased them.

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