Saturday, September 17, 2011

Winner, winner - chicken dinner!

Many thanks to my friend Colenic over at A Smile A Day. I was one of her winners and came home to find the nicest box of stuff you can imagine.
I actually got the box on Thursday, but my camera wasn't liking me so couldn't get this post done until today. It has been a really long, busy week so I was really excited to open the box.

Inside, I found a ton of loot:
Happy face cup
Happy face trophy
Happy face lapel pins
Happy face magnets (Isaiah loved these; he loves to rearrange the magnets on my fridge)
Maine ornament
Maple Syrup (I LOVE maple syrup!!!!)
"Green" guy (I wasn't sure what he was but Maisey likes him)

Aren't those happy faces just the cutest thing? I thought so, too!

Thank you very much Nic!!! You made my day (and week).


orchid said...

Hi! Dearest Teresa,
Wow, Congratulations on these Goodies♡♡♡ Smiley is my favorite!!!
Happy for Isaiah to be able to rearrange the magnets.
Hope you and your husband are doing well, my friend♬♬♬
Many hugs and Love from east, Orchid*

SkippyMom said...

I am having the best time drinking my tea out of the cup and enjoying my happy refrigerator with the magnets. Col is the best!

Enjoy the syrup! So, so, so good.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

I also love Maple Syrup although here real Maple Syrup is expensive which really annoys me it is like 3 times the price of the fake stuff.

Love the magnets I love fridge magnets and I am always changeing the ones I have on my fridge........

Mynx said...

That looks so much fun. I am smiling just looking at the pic.
Enjoy :)

Thisisme. said...

Col certainly picked out some lovely goodies for you to have there. I think I might be getting a box as well, so I just can't wait. Smiley is always guaranteed to make us smile. Hope your weekend is going well Teresa.

colenic said...

I am so glad that you like it...I figured everyone could use a couple of smiles right?? Hugs to you

labbie1 said...

Congrats! How cute are those things???? And an ornament for the tree too!!!! Fun!