Monday, September 3, 2012

It’s Giveaway Time!

I promised a giveaway to celebrate our upcoming trip to see The Oak Ridge Boys on September 11. To be eligible to win, answer this question:
Did you have “star fantasies” when you were a kid (or even now as an adult)?  If so, tell me all about it – but keep it clean. I’m not talking about anything kinky, weird, or inappropriate for everyone to read. I mean – a crush on a “heartthrob” or music idol (such as Elvis), or dream of running into a movie star somewhere, or a date.
I know when I was a teenager I loved Davy Jones of The Monkees. Sadly, Davy Jones passed away this year but I always thought he was soooo cute! I also had a big crush on David Cassidy from The Partridge Family. (I actually met Susan Dey one time – she is TINY!) I never dreamt of having a date with anyone famous, but I always thought I could be a good friend to female stars. Of course, that was very naive of me, but I still would dream about meeting famous people and being “friends” with several people.
I love the Oak Ridge Boys (and the Statler Brothers) and we have gone to as many concerts as we possibly could. One time at a Wichita concert, we were coming around the building to the entrance as they exited a side door. They were so nice and chatted with us for several minutes. I think I was too stunned to get any pictures so hopefully the next time we see them, I’ll be able to get some pics. We not only have tickets for the Kansas State Fair, but we also have tickets for a December 11 concert at the Golden Nugget hotel in Vegas. My big fantasy right now would be to get a knock on our hotel door and have the Boys on the other side of the door.  That would be cool all by itself but the BIG part would be that they invited us on their cruise (takes place the end of February 2013) – all expenses paid, of course. LOL – now that’s truly a big, BIG fantasy (I had a dream one night after I read about their cruise that we got to go; not a possibility but it was a really good dream!).
So… those are my old, new, naive, and silly fantasies. What about you? The contest will run until September 12 (the day after the Kansas concert). To enter, leave a comment about your “star fantasy” and I’ll pick the winner from the entrants. The winner will get an Oak Ridge Boys package – contents to be detailed later when the winner is announced. I’m shooting for a CD and a signed book – either one from Joe Bonsall or the new one from Richard Sterban. Not sure – just what I can put together.  Unfortunately, this contest is only open to residents of the US but I will be having another book giveaway that will be a download.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

When I was in middle school I fantasized that I'd get picked to be in a Michael Jackson video and dance--and then get to go on tour with him. He seemed so nice and talented and awesome back in the "Beat it" days...

Nancy said...

Love the Oakridge Boys! Yes, I also had a crush on a Monkee - only it was Mickey Dolan for me. As for wanting to be something special I would have to say there were many an hour with a hair brush up to my lips while I sang along with Carly Simon, Carol King, and Janis Joplin.

Libbie said...

My husband loves the oakridge boys! Fun group! I can see why you liked the mokkees too...they were alot of fun!

My group will age me :) I was a block head...loved the new kids on the block...too much :)

Hope you are doing good! You sound great! I am hoping to get on the comp a little more with our school schedule so I can pop by more often! Take Care T!