Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tangled Tee

A couple of weeks ago, one of my former co-workers invited me to a "Zentangle" workshop. She described it as sort of yoga for the brain. Knowing how much stress is in my life, she said it was a wonderful way to unwind and so I said I'd like to go.

I'd never heard of Zentangle so I looked it up ( and found that it's a form of art and is used in many places as therapy and is a great way to de-stress. The class was $35 and taught by a (one of only two) certified Zantangle teacher. She went through a training program in Rhode Island and is certified to teach others. It was a fun two hours and I came away very relaxed and with something that I can do while Ron is watching TV. It takes an ink pen (a marker), a pencil, and some paper. That's it. No big investment. No big things to lug around. There are a lot of books and patterns on the 'Net that you can buy but you don't have to.

Here is the "tangle" we created in class. We were all given four "tangles" that we learned and then told to pick three of them to make our own tile. Once we put them all together, it was pretty surprising to see how we all did something different with what we learned.

The next two I did on my own just looking for things and patterns online.

A friend sent me a link to the bottom picture and told me to try to re-create it. The original is much nicer but I was pleased with my results.

For this last one, I found a blog with a challenge list on it. I got there through some other links my friend sent me. The challenge for this week was to take the Moebius Syndrome symbol and "tangle" it. Even though I'm a total beginner, I decided to try my hand at the symbol.

This is my version:

 Purple is the official color for the Moebius Syndrome so I've incorporated some here. I've also added some glitter pen to add some pizazz.

I'll get better as I go but right now, it's definitely amateurish.


joanne said...

that is very cool. It looks like it would be a great de-stressor. I'm definitely going to check this out!

PeppyPilotGirl said...

It's a *wonderful* start and welcome to the world of Zentangle! Hope to see more of your work!

Kelley Kelly (also a CZT!)

Daniele OBrien Design, CZT said...

Glad to see you've found the Zentangle bug! Your work is great, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Zentangle Zealots!

ledenzer said...

And your version of the diva challenge is very nice!

Susan said...

Welcome! You are off to a beautiful start.

Anne's tangle blog said...

I'm so pleased for you that you found Zentangle. Hope you will get a lot out of it, like a lot of us do.
Welcome here, I hope to see more of you in the coming time.
Yout tile for this challenge is great!

Fiona said...

I discovered Zenangle last year and I am hooked now. Your tiles are great, keep going with it.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think that looks SO cool! I'm not creative that way, but I sure appreciate it when other people are!

Donald Wilka said...

Glad you found Zentangle® and the Diva challenge. Is a great practice and it sounds like the CZT who lead your class did a great job of informing you of its value as a practice and not just an art form.
Did a great job on all your tiles.

Lois said...

I have never heard of this before! I'm going to have to google the heck out of it... :) It is important to find a de-stressor.

Annmarie Pipa said...

wow!! I have never heard or seen this before...sounds great!! very interesting! I have a son who would like this..thanks for sharing!