Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New page

Be sure to check out my new page - Getting Tangled - to see my latest tangle creations. I decided I'd put in a new page instead of cluttering the main page with drawings. That way, you can look if you want or not if you choose.

Life is still going on as normal as we can be. Ron is still being "Ron" and some days are harder than others. Overall, he's doing OK. It could be worse. I know it hasn't sounded like it in some (many) of my posts, we are blessed. I do have friends who applaud my efforts and say they're not sure how I do it. I'm not either so it must be by the grace of God. Ron appreciates all that I do, so that makes a difference. I still fail a lot in the patience area.

It's very hard to watch him slowly lose more and more of his short-term memory. I could tell stories that would either give you fits of giggles or fits of sympathy. It could go either way. I try to go the upbeat route but it doesn't always work out that way.

Oh well...

Have a safe week! I know that I've lost a few readers (can't blame you - I haven't been keeping up very well on your blogs). I appreciate each of you very much!


colenic said...

I am glad to see you...I started doodling as well, my mom does it...it is a great relaxation technique...cant wait to go check out yours!!

thisisme said...

I did go over and look at your new page, and I've left a little comment. It was lovely to read that at least Ron does appreciate all that you do for him. That can make a real difference. Take care - it was good to see you here today.

Mynx said...

I cant imagine how hard it must be to care for your hubby at times. You are a very inspiring woman.
Sorry I havent been aound much but i am still following.
Love your tangle page too

Libbie Doyle said...

Hey there! DOn't worry about not being a blogging maniac...It really seems sveryone has slowed down...& it is good that way too :)

I want to go check out your drawings! Great idea to add a page!