Monday, January 14, 2008

Opening act

First day, where should I begin… In typical fashion I knew exactly what I wanted to say before the blog was created. Now that it’s created I’m not so sure how I want to start. I will say that this will contain Christian thoughts and expressions so if Christianity offends you, then please read no further. I’ll make no apologies for my beliefs and expect that if you have a difference of opinion you’ll be mature enough to either ignore our differences or kindly express your own opinion. I welcome comments as long as they’re not derogatory in nature, as those are really uncalled for.

People who know me know that I’m a very tolerant person and I have friends who do not share exactly the same beliefs or views. We agree to disagree and maintain our friendship. We respect each other’s beliefs but we don’t try to shove our beliefs down each other’s throats. I have Muslim and Hindu friends and my DIL is Buddhist.

So, welcome to my little slice of the online world. I hope my "ponderings" provide you with some interesting fodder for your mind. Take care...

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