Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello card

(If you've already seen this on my card blog - I apologize, so feel free to skip over this posting of it.) I've been waiting to post this picture until the recipient of it had a chance to receive it in the mail. I actually made the owl to show a friend that I could do that (she's the one who ordered the "bee" cards) and then decided that I'd just go ahead and make it into a card. What I wanted to do originally was to have a trunk with a limb coming off and use "hello" as leaves and have the owl sitting on the limb. I'm not an artist so that didn't work out.

The owl's eyes are black buttons (they just don't look like it) because I couldn't find my googly eyes. The red buttons at the bottom of the tree are apples. LOL - use your imagination.

I trimmed the side of the tree off after I had it mounted. I wanted it to just look like it was a part of the side of the card.

What do you think?

There is another Cricut machine that I'd really love, love, love to have. It's called the Imagine and it normally sells for $499 (yes, that is pricey - but it also prints its own paper and coordinating embellishments, so in the long run would save tons of money) and it's on sale through today for $299 on the website (it's even more money regular priced on other sites - YIKES!), which is still very expensive. But, I just can't see myself buying one of these anytime soon. Maybe by the time my birthday rolls around in August I'll feel like I can spring for it. LOL - maybe I can talk my children (who now ALL read my blog) into pooling their resources and getting it for me for Mother's Day. Early of course, since the price is going to go back up. hahaha! (I know... not happening, kids. just kidding... trying to scare you. did it work??? good. hehehehe!)


Thisisme. said...

Hee Hee! Love the scaring the kids bit! I think they should certainly get it for you for Mothers Day whilst it is on sale!! LOL! That little card is really cute, and I envy you the talent to make the cards that you do.

Bouncin' Barb said...

I bet the receipient of this card smiled all day when they got it. It's beautiful! Adorable! Cute as a 'button'. :-)

Rae said...

It's adorable. What a treat to receive something so cute.

colenic said...

I lOVE LOVE LOVE this card. I am on an owl kick right now....awesome!

SkippyMom said...

The card is adorable. I love owls.

The cost of the ink for that Cricuit would off set the printing of it's own paper. Cricuits are great - no argument here, but I get so tired of the ink cost. Doesn't make sense.

And with all you have you aren't running out of paper or ideas anytime soon.

Remember. Downsize. :D

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

This - Thanks, and yep, love to scare the kiddos! hehehe!
Barb - that was the idea; hope it brightened the recipient's day. thanks!
Rae and Col - thank you - I think owls are pretty neat, too.
Skippy - {sigh} yes, I'm downsizing, but I don't have to like it. lol! Besides, I'd never turn down a gift from the kids, now would I???? This is actually pretty economical to run when you factor in the cost of a packet of this and a packet of that. Of course, you would use the ink faster with full-bleed pages but would last longer just doing the embellishments.

Trisha said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I too am in love with owls :)
Great way to spread the hint on "what to get mom for mothers day" !!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My two card-making friends have the Cricut and LOVE it--it was Christmas gifts to each from their families and apparently is the cat's pajamas of gadgets.
I like the owl--that is so sweet.

labbie1 said...

Love the owl card. Youa re certainly talented!

I didn't know that Cricut came out with a cutter that was also a printer! Awesome!!!! Hope the Easter Bunny brings you one! ;-)

Kristen said...

Owls are so popular now, and this one is Adorable!

Libbie said...

Your card!! So cute! I love that happy little owl! & your colors are great together!

Very good try at the Mother;s Day idea :) No, I know you were kidding...but I still like it! :)