Saturday, March 26, 2011

Packing should be a dirty 4-letter word

Well, "pack" is, so I guess that works!

I've been packing this morning. Ick, yuck, blech!

Keith was going to help today but he had to work. We still don't have an official move date, but I don't want to get the phone call and have it be just days later and be unprepared. I'm a planner. I have to have this all laid out in neat little rows. Pack the boxes of stuff we're not using. Line them up along the wall, clearly labeled.

Sort the stuff that is truly junk and is going into the trash. Sort the stuff that can be donated to charity because I don't want to bother with trying to sell it. Sort the stuff that is going to be part of the moving sale. That's a boat load! Some things I look at and think, "what were you thinking when you bought this?" Other things, I am surrendering with fond memories but I'm sure someone else will also love to have. Sort the stuff I'm going to offer to the kids to see if they want it before it goes into one of the aforementioned piles.

I'm trying to find a small, drop-leaf table that is suitable for a kitchenette and those things are practically non-existent. My in-laws had one in their kitchen and it was great. It butted right up against the wall and when the leaf was down, it was perfect for my FIL to pull up to the side in his wheelchair. I want to do the same in our new kitchen so Ron can get to the microwave, his medicines, and his grill. I only have about 36 inches of wall space to work with so it can't be too big. For the life of me, I cannot find something.

This house has a built-in desk so I have to make a new location for a desk. That will be the dining room table that I'm getting from Amy. I think it will be perfect for my laptop and printer. My books (which are currently on the built-in bookcase) will find a new home in the 2nd bedroom. I have a couple of Wal-mart bookcases that will work out perfectly in there. I've pared down my books but there a few I just can't bare to part with. Eugenia Price, Jean Auel, Victoria Holt, my inspirational books, etc. I re-read my books so it's not like they don't get used. Keith is taking the Zane Grey books.

I put a couple of things for Amy on Craigslist and a couple of things of my own. Miche' bags anyone?

As much as I'd like to relax today, I better get back to work. It is rainy and dreary today so it's a nice day to stay inside. Trouble is, I have to go get more tape and some book boxes.


Have a great weekend!


Bouncin' Barb said...

It is a dirty 4 letter word. We are doing it and moving Wednesday. Just took a back break. Fun is! Hugs.

Thisisme. said...

I was just going to say that I expect Bouncin'Barb is thinking just exactly the same as you about packing right now! But she has beaten me to it! Good luck to the two of you. When we moved to this house 13 years ago, I vowed never to move again!!! I shall obviously have to move again at some time in the future though.

labbie1 said...

When we had our "if it doesn't fit in the RV it's gotta go" sale, I posted the furniture and collectibles on Craigslist at the same time. I had cars lined up down the block to come and get stuff--most of those people were people who don't necessarily do sales, but do look through Craigslist. It worked great!!!

Just a thought for you.

Also, having just bought a small camper for short trips and such, I have seen the type of table that you are looking for in a lot of the campers. I wonder if a camper sales would have any of those hanging around at a reasonable rate.

My hubby's aunt had one in her senior apartment, which she got from someone vacating one of the other senior apartments.

I agree with the whole packing thing!!! Good luck!!! I am sure you will find that the new place will seem like home very quickly and you seem to be thinking outside of the box and with many clever ideas!!!! Enjoy the unpacking and nesting!!!!

SkippyMom said...

My Mom has one in her garage, brand new, but there is no way for me to ship it to you now. Dangit.

I can ask my sister if she remembers where my Mom got it tho' - it had to have been a regular store.

And I am avoiding a yard sale at all costs. I am so bad at them - and I hate the way people here steal. It is ridiculous.

Good luck - I am sure you are doing a bang up job.

Nancy said...

Moving is so disrupting to me. I find myself being a bunny in the headlights, I just sort of freeze. I'm good with the unpacking, but packing up my house leaves me weak.

Trisha said...

I feel for you! Moving & packing is such a pain! Hope it goes smooth:)