Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogger is a royal pain in the A

And, no Barb - I'm not talking about the letter A on my keyboard, either.

I am signed into blogger. I stay signed in. I am finding leaving comments more and more difficult. If someone has "Name/URL" in the list of options, I can leave a comment using my name and my blog URL. If that option is not listed there, it's impossible to leave a comment. I don't have an OpenID account, I don't have an AIM account, and I don't have a WordPress account. And, most of the time Anonymous is not an option.

Royal pain, I tell ya! I was trying to get caught up on my blog reading/commenting today but it seems that blogger had other ideas.

Bat rastards...

Have a great day! If you're cooking out - yum... enjoy. I'm going to attempt cooking out on our electric grill. The last time I tried it, it reset the GFI and I couldn't use the outside outlets. We tried to get it fixed, but the electrician said it's just the age of these buildings and they can't do anything about it. Great... NOT. So, I'll try running an extension cord into the house and plugging it into an outlet inside the house. I'm afraid that it won't work, either. If not, the thing will have to go back to the store. Good thing I still have the box. Just hope I can find the receipt.


PeaceLoveandSharpies said...

My comments are going through fine but my stats refuse to show up.
And my follwers widget keeps wonkifying.


Thisisme. said...

Hi Teresa. I had this problem for several days with not being able to post comments. Like you, I was signed in and stayed signed in. Then, one evening, I unticked the box where it says Stay signed in, and, hey presto, from that time on, I have had no problems at all. Maybe it was just coincidence, but it's funny that it started working immediately after I had unticked that box. Might be worth a try for you to do that, because, I agree, it is SO frustrating!

Kayla said...

I've also been having this problem. I found that it only happens on blogs that don't open comments in a new window. For example, when I clicked on Add Comment for your page, it opened in a new window, and I was able to sign in with my google/blogger account. On other people's I just have to use my name.

It's been like that for a few days. It's quite annoying.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I keep reading about the blogger problems--good grief!
You remind me to get my extension cords out for B's party later!

Donna B said...

T...which browser do you use to go on Blogger? I upgraded to Internet Explorer and had a HORRIBLE time and could not see my thumbnail pics of my followers ( widget)

I heard about the comment problem and That Corgi (betty) suggested I change my comment settings to a pop up window instead of being imbedded on the page and to allow all and anonymous. I did and no more problems leaving messages.

I can also use Mozilla without any problems. I was able to use Chrome, (and got my follower widget back, after deleting it and reinstalling, but have been having weird problems with Chrome today, so am using firefox.

Hope this helps...

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I can't follow any new blogs and I can't see my followers. Blogger is having issues. Hopefully it will fixed soon :D