Sunday, November 20, 2011

I've been "outta here"

Life has been soooo busy around my neck of the woods. Work has been crazy with deadlines and everything that can go along with end-of-year deadlines. We have several guides and help files that have to go to print this week and everyone has been working diligently to get everything taken care of.

Ron's had a few appointments and is (overall) doing much better. He's walking around the house with only a cane. The visiting nurse is amazed at how well he's doing. He's been faithfully doing his range of motion and stretching exercises every day. I'm very proud of him.

Anna is growing and Isaiah is a very proud big brother. I bought him a shirt that says Most Amazing Big Brother on it. His current favorite word is "amazing" so I thought it was fitting.

Shaun's ship is at the half-way point for deployment. If all goes well, we'll be traveling to see the ship return when the time comes.

I've had my ups and my downs. I come home from work and don't really want to do too much except put my feet up. I rearranged my craft room because it just wasn't working and we needed a bed there. We found a sale for twin "back to school" special for $179 so that worked out very well. The rearrangement of the "cubes" makes the room much more functional. As soon as I'm finished putting things away, I'll have to post new pictures.

Thanksgiving cards are not going to happen this year. But, maybe it's not too late for Christmas... We shall see.

I've been doing shopping for my WA grandchildren online - 2nd hand and like new items. My DIL connects with the sellers and pays them. I send her the money to cover it. It's working out quite well. No shipping. I have 2-3 things that I've purchased here to send to them. I bought a set of ears and paws for Katy and Alexander from my friend Jenny over at Knees and Paws. She has an Etsy shop that you should check out. She's very talented and the stuff she makes will encourage creativity.

Anna is bought for. There's not much you can buy for a newborn. Can't share what I bought (Amy sometimes reads my blog) until after Christmas but I know it will be a hit. Isaiah - now, he's a different story. No clue on what we're getting him. The teenagers will get a bit of cash. They like that better anyway.

Thanks to all of you for sticking around in my absence. Thanks, too to the new folks. It's lovely to have you all  here. Life will slow down in the next 2-3 weeks and I can get back into the swing of things.

May God richly bless you all today, tomorrow, and always.



SkippyMom said...
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colenic said...

Hugs to you and great news on the home front. I am glad that Ron is doing better and sounds like you are way ahead on Christmas shopping. I hope that you are blessed with peace love and lots of family time this week. hugs!!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Teresa I can't tell you how glad I for Ron and YOU that he's doing so well. That is wonderful. You do sound like you're extremely busy with work and just want to relax when you get home. I can so understand that. Don't worry though, I love your blog and will always follow. That's what friends do right? Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thisisme. said...

Nice to hear from you today with an update, Teresa. I have been wondering about you! Isn't it wonderful just how good Ron is doing, AND that he's being so good doing all his exercises. Life certainly does sound pretty busy for you at the moment, but that will pass and you can come back to us again. We aren't going anywhere, anyway!! Love your new header photo by the way.

Thisisme. said...

Forgot to say, Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ron and all the family!

Silver Strands said...

Wow Teresa - you usually do THANKSGIVING cards? What an over-achiever! No wonder you just want to come put your feet up after work :)

Happy Thanksgiving week to you!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Doesn't it feel great to reset a space? I'm so glad you got aroudn to your craft room. And even gladder to hear good news about Ron.

orchid said...

Hi! Dearest my Teresa,
Oh, how wonderful to hear from you!!!
Sorry that I was so tired writing a comment for you last night. I was really happy hearing from you. Isn't it amazing that Ron is in such good condition doing his best. And gave me a big smile Isaiah being a very proud big brother for Anna. What a splendid gift for him.
I can see how busy you are and this must be the busiest season for all the western people.
Take Good Care, my friend♪♪♪

LOVE your New Header♡♡♡
Blessing to you and all your family, xoxo Orchid*

Pat said...

Glad to hear that things are going well in your household.

It's hard to keep up with blogging and commenting with the holiday season so close!

kneesandpaws said...

Hi Teresa,
Sorry I'm late catching up on my blog reading! Thank you for sharing Knees and Paws with your blogging friends:) I was surprised and delighted...I hope your package arrives soon!
I'm also really inspired by the way you are able to manage Christmas without debt. It is easy to get buried at this time of the year. How awesome that you can find a way to give so generously and stay on budget. You Rock! Happy Thanksgiving! xo