Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And the winner is...

I couldn't decide what to title this. I had so many ideas, including these...

"I'll take 2 ribs for $200, Alex."
"That'll be 2 ribs... Not McRibs."

Yep... he's got two broken ribs. Not feeling too great today.

My mom's in the hospital in KC. She's got nearly carbon copies of the same diseases that Ron has, except she still has both of her feet/legs and she's 81. She's more frail because of her age. Her visiting nurse insisted today that she go so my SIL took her. She didn't want to be admitted but she's there to get some fluid drained off. She's got so much fluid that it's formed blisters on her feet and legs. Ron's been down that road.

Speaking of Ron...
Back in the day when Ron was much younger, he knew a bunch of people who are now famous and successful people in the entertainment industry. One is Sinbad (he got his start in Wichita through a TV station where Ron was part-owner) and another is Martina McBride's husband, John. Martina (with George Strait) is coming to Wichita in February and Ron really wanted to go to the concert. I think he was hoping that somehow he'd be able to see John again and say hello. I've been watching Select-a-Seat and, so far, the tickets are not available there. But, another retailer has them ( or something like that) already and I got all excited thinking about surprising him for Christmas/birthday. We don't really do much for each other for Christmas - usually go shopping together and just pick something out. But I was going to see what I could come up with on the tickets.

No way, No day!!! The cheapest tickets are $90 EACH and that doesn't guarantee anything but a seat. I can't specify handicap accessible or wheelchair access. The "better seats" are well over $100 each. I'm sure he'll get over it but at those prices, there's no way he will be going to see the show.


SkippyMom said...

Well, maybe Mr. Martina or someone will Google his name, your blog will pop up and they will gift you with tickets. You can always hope.

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Blisters? That is a huge amount of fluid build up. I can't even imagine the kind of pain she was in or how stubborn she was to refuse to go before now, bless her heart. That is a long time to live with that kind of swelling. I hope she gets the relief she needs and is comfortable so very soon. Please give her our best. We will be thinking of her and sending good thoughts.

I hope you get the lift chair back soon for Ron. I hope he doesn't fall again before it gets back, the poor man is running out of body parts to wound. Sending him good thoughts too.

Libbie said...

Hey there...isn't it CRAZY what they go for?! It really is! You are smart to save your money :)

I was just talking about Sinbad the other day! He seems like he'd be a pretty nice guy.

Hope those ribs heal FAST! That sounds TERRIBLY painful! But I do like your titles;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Bummer. about the ribs and the ticket prices.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Skippy - LOL - not hardly. I imagine that poor Ronnie will just be passing on this one. I'm going to check Select-a-seat next week to see what their prices are. I think the other place has a surcharge on it.

Libbie - isn't it though? We haven't bought concert tickets in years and the price really shocked me. Plus, this is a new arena and they seem to be higher for this venue.

Green Girl - yep... total bummer. He's not moving too well and is very groggy so I'll be keeping a close eye on him.

I remembered the other "titles" I had thought of for this entry:

"four calling birds, three french hens, two cracked ribs, and a partridge in a pear tree"

"Two! Two! It's two ribs in one!"

I know... I have a sick sense of humor. I get it from Ron. hehe!

Thisisme. said...

Hi Teresa. I'm really sorry to hear about your poor mum. I would think that she's probably be in quite a bit of pain. Poor Ron as well - it's just not funny to keep falling and hurting yourself like that. I don't quite know what the answer is though. Take care my friend.

Silver Strands said...

I agree Teresa - try to get the tickets gifted to you! My experience has been that most entertainers are very kind-hearteded, and with the connection, I bet you can make it work. I'd be happy to try to help you with contacting people. Ithink this would be an awesome Christmas gift. Email me and let me know if you'd like my help!

Pat said...

I hope Ron heals fast, and you, too, with your shoulder.

Those ticket prices are ridiculous!

I would go to Martina's web site (I'm SURE she has one) and see if you can contact her there. Make some kind of plea, be a name dropper, anything. It might work!

orchid said...

Oh, Dear Teresa.
May God help all of you reduce the pain!!! I trully hope your shoulder is better, my friend.
And your friend's help may work☆☆☆
Hope you are not working too hard.
Thinking of you from Japan, xoxo Orchid*

Humaira Anwar said...

hi i hope your mother is doing well; i visited your post a while ago and today running through my list made me remember that.

i hope you get tickets. god's mercy be upon in sharing happiness

take care

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