Thursday, August 15, 2013

A blast from the past... literally

I was cleaning out some boxes of things to put away in my new cabinet in my craft room/guest bedroom and came across an old(ish) newspaper clipping. I laid it down on the desk and pretty much forgot about it. Oh, I read it and remembered the article quite clearly, as it had featured Ron and I. What struck me was the date of the clipping. August 15, 1991. Since today is the 22nd anniversary of that date, I decided that I would share it with you.

The local newspaper used to have a place in their “Celebrations” section where people could be profiled as a love story and was usually reserved for people who’d been married for a long time. (They still have the Celebrations section, but people pay to put announcements in there. It’s no longer considered news to be added by the paper. LOL!) I don’t remember the details, but I must have sent them a little tidbit of information and we were picked to tell our story. We went down to the paper to have our picture taken and a reporter did a little interview.

The result was this article. I had to laugh at the timing of me finding it. Oh, my glasses are pretty funny, too. I had more hair then. Darn it. I wonder where all that hair went. Ron looked good. He’s been so unhealthy for such a long time that it’s nice to see a picture of him looking good. At the same time, it’s a little sad. I know he’s still there but sometimes I forget that.

Our 29th wedding anniversary is next week. I wasn’t sure we’d make it this far and often wonder if this will be our last one. But, I’ve wondered that before and we’re both still hanging in there.

One day at a time… Just one day at a time.


Lois said...

Oh what a lovely article! John and I just passed 29yrs in June.

thisisme said...

That really was such a special article And a lovely photo of you. Those glasses were so fashionable, weren't they ?! I certainly had a pair. I can see how you would see it as sad, seeing Ron looking so hale and hearty. It's just as well we don't know what's round the corner at any time, isn't it. Lovely to see you over at my blog. Thank you for your kind comment. Take care.

Mynx said...

What a wonderful keepsake and great timing to find it.
Happy anniversary to you and Ron

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How sweet--and to run across it, too.