Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursdays officially suck

It's been three weeks. Three very long weeks. I can't say I'm doing great but I am coping. There is just so much to deal with that it's very hard.

If losing Ron wasn't enough, I have to deal with the insurance problems. Medical bills that should have been taken care of months ago are still hanging over my head (thanks to Medicare ineptness, they haven't). I have borderline anxiety attacks more days than not. I'm sleeping OK thanks to nighttime pain reliever but I wake up feeling very sluggish. I'd like some real sleep that restful and restorative. Soon...

I woke up with a migraine this morning so I'm moving very slowly. I need to get around and get out the door to work. I took three days bereavement leave (all most companies offer) and then four days of vacation. I don't have any more time that I could take or I would not have gone back to work as quickly as I did. Some days are harder than others and I'm glad that I've been busy at work, but I have had some trouble concentrating some days. I'm sure it will get better and I hope it is SOON!


thisisme said...

Hallo Teresa. My heart aches for you. I know that you and Ron had such a good relationship. We all know that Ron is now at peace but that doesn't make things any easier for you. It is such early days. I will continue to pray for you my friend. Hugs and take care.

Libbie Doyle said...

Oh Teresea...I have the biggest fttest tears in my eyes...I am sooo sorry! It does indeed sound like a rotten day. I imagine you will have lots of really hard days for quite awhile. I will put you at the top of my prayer list dear friend!

Sometime when you are feeling up to it would you ever email me your address to