Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer... almost over

Just a few random thoughts...

It's nearly time to go back to work. For me, that means secretary at a local elementary school (5th and 6th graders). I have enjoyed this time with Isaiah and being able to get a lot done in the new house. My yard is still a mess (I'm really not a gardener!) and there are still things I want to do in here, but I've run out of time.

My foreign exchange student arrives August 12. I'm excited. Her bedroom is nearly put together and I'm working on a welcome basket for her. I've started with some art supplies (her mom said she'd love them) and will include a t-shirt and items with the school's mascot on them. I'm also adding some toiletries and monogrammed washcloth and hand towel. I got her a special Scentsy warmer (the cutest ice cream cone - https://scentedjoy.scentsy.us/Buy/ProductDetails/37823) for her room, added a pink lava lamp, and some other decorative touches. I hope she likes it. I think she will. Her mom was thrilled with it.

I just got back from a fun-filled weekend with an old friend. LOL - she's only a couple of months older than me but we've been friends for 50 years!!! That is an "old" friend! We saw Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. It was pretty good and very clean entertainment. The food was OK - not great, but not too bad, either. I thought the scenery and the story line was decent. We saw the son of Erich Brenn, who was the original "plate spinner" on the Ed Sullivan Show. He said his dad is now 98 and in good health. The son did some juggling acts and also did the plate spinning act. It was well-done and we enjoyed it.

I'm still working on getting myself healthier. I want to live as long as God intends for me to live, and not a second less. That means I have to get in control of the things that I CAN control and quit letting things slide. I'm sure there are times He just shakes his head and marks off my timeline. :)

Tonight, Amy signed us up for an Arbonne party. Not too sure about that, but I'll listen. Supposedly, she's going to concentrate on the stuff to help flush our systems of junk and help us get healthier. We shall see. I already know I don't like the taste of their meal replacement shakes. Not. at. all. I've tried vanilla and chocolate. I HAVE to have something that I can mix with coffee. I don't like the cold shakes and I always start my day with coffee. Always.

Saturday, we're having an Agnes & Dora party. My sister and my niece both sell (and, I'm going to sign up as well - just not sure when) and I fell in love with the clothes. Since Velata is going out of business in August, and since Scentsy really isn't my thing, A&D just might be the next step for me.

I'm fixing Stouffer's lasagna for supper tonight. I know it's cheating a bit, but since the Arbonne lady will be here at 6:30, I needed something fast. This works. We're also having garlic bread and salad. Anna doesn't like lasagna so she'll get something else. Not sure what but something.

Off to do what I need to do today...

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