Thursday, August 13, 2009

25 years is BIG

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I am looking forward to going to Branson but my mind thinks that something else should be going on, too. I remember my parents having a big 25th anniversary bash and one of my brothers (besides me, the only one to be married 25 years to the same person) had a big bash for his 25th. I feel a bit of a letdown. Spending the weekend with Ron (and we’re meeting some close friends there) will be really nice but celebrating this event with my family is also important.

Number 1 – no one thought we’d make it 25 months, let alone 25 years.
Number 2 – it’s a miracle that Ron is still alive to be able to celebrate at all.
Number 3 – I don’t have a good number 3, but didn’t want to stop with just two. {grin}

My mother’s health is too frail to come down here for a celebration and most of my siblings would probably not be able to make it. One will probably have to work, one will probably have to take his daughter to soccer/basketball/softball, etc. practice or tournaments, and one will probably just not reply at all. Plus, I have a couple of nephews who I’d like to invite so it would just be easier on everyone that if I want to celebrate I take the celebration there.

We could go to dinner but the tab but it would definitely be a BYOD (buy your own dinner). I’d like to go to The Melting Pot but it is very expensive (that’s what I’ve been told – never been there) and Ron probably would not enjoy it. I would thoroughly enjoy it but not sure that my mom or my husband would enjoy it. LOL – and I know that Isaiah would not. He’s way too picky.

So - I gave Amy the task of setting up some kind of celebratory dinner in KC, maybe down on the Plaza. Someplace nice enough to be special but not so nice that we can't afford it. We can also celebrate my mom's 79th birthday and my birthday as well. Actually, if we get right down to it, there's another anniversary and at least two more birthdays we could also be celebrating at the same dinner.

I'm looking forward to the big celebration.


Pat said...

Congratulations on your 25th Wedding Anniversary. This year was also our 25th anniversary. This is a second marriage for both of us. We did not have a party. I don't even remember if we went out to dinner! How's that for celebrating! It must not have been too impressive if we did! LOL! We eat dinner out on the road maybe once a week, so it all mixes together. We didn't get each other a gift, either. I guess our life style is just one big party!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Thanks - congrats to you, too! This is a 2nd marriage for both of us, too. We knew that we'd made mistakes the first time around so decided that we'd do what it took to make this one work. Can't say it was always easy but we stuck it out and developed a great friendship and relationship.

We don't plan on any gifts - honestly, just having the time together is a true gift. We're looking forward to our Fantastic Caverns trip, too. Just a nice little weekend away.

I think we're going to really enjoy our mini-vacation. LOL - We need the "just one big party" lifestyle, too!