Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anniversary update

Our trip to KC on Saturday was a lot of fun. We went to my mom's house and then on to the restaurant. We ate at Buca di Beppo on the Plaza. It is in the basement of the building and goes a full city block UNDER the street and parking garage. There were so many rooms that when I took my mom to the restroom, we made a wrong turn coming back. They had to get her a chair so she could rest before we made the rest of the trek back to the table. Ron had to sit on the way to the table the first time and then barely made it to sit down at the elevator. When we called to ask about handicap accessibility, they directed us to where the elevator entrance was, but no one said there would be a 1/2 mile walk to the table. My mom and Ron barely made it in or out. But, the food was excellent. I doubt we'll go back, but it was a nice place to visit once.

I'm a bit concerned about Ron. He's got the shakes really bad this week. His whole right side was shaking the other night and it comes and goes. He has trouble resting when he shakes like that and I do, too because he sometimes shakes the bed. I don't know what to expect from his medical condition anymore. It changes so much all the time. He has us worried. I think he is tired of living this way but we don't have a clue how to improve it.

I'm making plans for him to get out and do things, hoping that it gives him a reason to look forward to a new day. We're going to Branson for the weekend with friends and I know he's looking forward to it. I'm just praying every day that he still feels like going come Friday afternoon.

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Rae said...

It is nice that you were able to go out to eat but it is a shame that the restaurant wasn't more accommodating.

Because I have a disability I understand handicap accessibility. It makes me angry when what they call accessible is not feasible. I can not climb stairs and my walking is very limited so I have had to give up may activities that I use to enjoy.

I certainly understand Ron's feeling of being tired of living with health issues. It seems everyday is surrounded with medical this and that.

I hope he gets to go to Branson. It is so important to get a fresh outlook. I hope to read about your trip. Have a good time in Branson.