Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Application essay

I had to write an essay on the importance of teaching. I decided I'd post it here, too and see what you all thought of it.

The Importance of Teaching

Charlene Law. Bill Grace. Kathy Gold. These are just a few of the many teachers who either directly, or indirectly, demonstrated to me the importance of teaching. You might ask why these three names stick in my mind above all of the other countless teachers I’ve come into contact with. Charlene Law was my sophomore English teacher and she nurtured and encouraged a love of reading that continues to this day. Bill Grace was my high school Music teacher and he taught me that it takes many subjects to create a well-rounded person and music was one avenue in which to shine. Kathy Gold was my sister and she left a legacy behind that impacted her students and their families for many, many years. In some instances, she taught two generations of the same family and the ideals and memories she instilled in all she came into contact with will continue to impact countless others.

The children in classrooms today are our future leaders, doctors, scientists, teachers, and everyday heroes. Included in this group of children are those from within my own family – nieces, nephews, children, and grandchildren. I often wonder where they would be tomorrow without the teachers of today. In fact, where will any of us be with this group of students without effective teachers? Can we rely on people to just inherently “know” the intricacies of a particular subject, how something works, or how a goal is accomplished? No, I don’t believe that we can. Just because there are a few who intuitively know how to figure something out, or how to understand an action or a set of instructions, there are many, many more who would never be able to comprehend the necessary components to be able to accomplish a task without interaction with a competent or well-trained and caring teacher.

Can you imagine a doctor trying to operate on a patient without the required tools that teachers provide? Or, imagine an architectural engineer trying to design a building to withstand a hurricane, a tornado, or an earthquake without the proper background. Those, plus many more, careers would be totally impossible without the valuable input from teachers on every level. Knowledge, and the desire for knowledge, is created and cultivated at an early age. Every teacher, at every level, has an important role to play in that quest for knowledge.
Teachers provide the foundation upon which every other thing in life is built. Do you know how to count and to make correct change? Someone had to teach you. Do you know how to read and to write? Someone had to teach you. Do you know how to evaluate and to use complex thought processes to figure out a situation? Someone probably had to teach you the skills necessary for such an action.

In reality, all I need to do to recognize the importance of teachers in today’s world – and all of the tomorrows to come – is to look at my six year old grandson and marvel at the changes and accomplishments that he has achieved and know that many of them would not have been possible without the teachers that he has already come into contact with. Isaiah, who was diagnosed with developmental delays, has been blessed to have outstanding teachers who recognized their importance in his life and how that would translate into the lives of those he touched.

My goal is to play the same type of role in the lives of others.

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Kathy's Klothesline said...

I think you said it all and said it very well!

Not sure, ask Isaiah. said...

Very nicely done :)

Pat said...

A clear, concise, and well-thought out piece. Good luck!