Friday, September 24, 2010

Blah days

I've stayed away this week for a multitude of reasons, being extremely busy at work one of them. But, I've just been really down in a funk the past week or so. I don't allow myself to get too down for very long because I really do have a blessed life. But I haven't been able to get a grip on those boot straps (a.k.a. armpit jewelry) this week. I've come home from work, caught up on reading emails, read a few blogs, and stayed away from my own.

I knew I'd just post doom, despair, and boring crap. I imagine me whining about Ron's health issues are getting pretty old. This week, I didn't have anything good to say about his health so I decided to say nothing at all.

He says he's having more and more trouble seeing. He just had his eyes checked before his May surgery. I told him to call next week to schedule another appointment. It's only time and money, right?

He (gonna get personal here) is having trouble not wetting himself when he is on the way to the toilet. His kidneys don't tell him he has to "go" until he's practically "going" already. This gives him very little time to get from his chair, into the wheelchair, to the bathroom, and onto the toilet. He's started keeping a urinal by his chair and is just dumping it during the day. I told him to call and make an appointment for that next week, too. Maybe he needs a "turn your head and cough" exam. How they do that if someone can't stand up is beyond me, but I guess it needs to be done.

His left knee hurts so badly that getting practice on his new leg is out of the question. He could barely get in and out of the car today because his left knee was so bad. I had to go help him off the toilet tonight because he couldn't stand up on his own. How can he have surgery on that if he can't use the right fake leg yet??? I'm out of answers.

He's about to the point where he can no longer do the insulin injections himself. The pens are so stiff that they're hard to do. I have trouble with some of them and I have two (relatively) good hands.

I'm just really tired of it all. Each new light at the end of the tunnel has just been a flippin train.


jojo said...

sounds like a rough week. I think you both could use a break...I know how that feels. Sending you hugs and happy thoughts. Blessings to you both.

SkippyMom said...

I'm so sorry Tee. Thought you were suspiciously quiet this week but I figured you were just tired [duh]. I wish I had an answer or some good advice but know that I am sending you good thoughts and a lot of prayer. Hugs and Love girlie.

colenic said...

Sounds like it was a rough week....I am sorry for that. wish there was some way to help....know that I am sending healing thoughts for both you and ron

TinaM said...

Sorry you are having such a rough time :(

You don't have to stay away because times are rough. Blogging about it might help...

Best Wishes for Ron.
I hope this week is better for you both!!!

va spillman said...

I sympathize with you...sorry to hear things are rough. Hope things look up real soon. Garry has been hovering over me and driving me nuts...I am doing so much better, and told him no more excuses for missing work! lol
All in all we are doing well...sure am missing our visits with Ron. Visiting with him always perks up the day! Garry had to fix my brakes friday, they had been squealing a week or so then went completely out Jessi's husband helped him change them friday...which was sweet.
I am praying for you both. hugs from us to you,