Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adorable Blog Award

Somnia over at You Are Loved bestowed the Adorable Blog Award on me the other day and tonight is the first time this week I've had to sit and thank her for it.

This is an award I've not seen before and I am tickled that she thought my blog was adorable.

The rules say I have to share 10 things about myself and then pass the award onto three other bloggers. I think this has been around a bit so I'm going to look for three new bloggers to pass this on to. I found a couple of new blogs this week that I'm really enjoying so I'll probably pick them and find one more.

The 10 things about myself are going to be harder. What haven't I told you all??? Let's see...
  1. I'm terrified of snakes.
  2. I'm even more terrified of spiders. This new place has spiders. Every morning I find a wolf spider in the kitchen sink. I've learned to be cautious - go into the kitchen, start the water in the other sink, grab the spray hose and then blast the monster down the garbage disposal, as it's running. I don't know where they're coming from but I wish they'd go away.
  3. (this is new) I've been approached to do 4 video blog entries about Restless Leg Syndrome - they'll come to me and I'll make $50 per video (3-4 minutes each). Not bad...
  4. I love grilled veggies in the summertime and wish that I could have them year round.
  5. I eat when I'm stressed and I just can't seem to change that (or, I don't want to change it - haven't decided whether to admit to this or not)
  6. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a teenager but chose something else because of fear of reptiles and snakes (see #1 and #2 above)
  7. I love to watch reality TV shows. Cheesy - I know, but I don't watch the scummy ones or ones that are all about the 's' word (s.e.x.)
  8. If I won the lottery, I'd probably end up broke because I'd give it all away. I have too many people that I'd like to help. I would pay off all of my own bills, too so that I didn't have to go back to work.
  9. The older I get the more I suffer from anxiety attacks. Don't know the cause but they sure are a pain in the rear. I think something about being tortured by one of my older brothers while I was growing up might play a big part in it. He took great fun in physically restraining me and then torturing me, sometimes holding me captive under blankets to where I thought I wasn't going to be able to breathe. To this day, I have trouble covering my face with anything. Big baby, aren't I?
  10. My favorite color is pink. Second favorite is purple. I love them together.

That's 10. I think most of them are new.

I was reading some of my archives the other day and I wrote some pretty good stuff back when no one was reading them. LOL - I might dig them back and repost some of them. They were "good junk."

Now, on to my recipients...

I recently found these two blogs and am enjoying reading them:

Orchid at Orchid's Daily Voice
Romance of Roses

I'll have to hold off on #3... I'm reading some new ones and want to be able to honestly be able to recommend them.


Somnia said...

Congrats on the award!! So glad I gave it to you. You blog is quite adorable! I love that you are spreading the love to new comers :D

artistamyjo said...

Congrats on the award,love your blog.
Hugs, Amy

Thisisme. said...

How lovely Teresa to have an Adorable Blog Award. Adorable, just like you! It was interesting to read all those things about you. That's a shame that you've got all these spiders in your new place. I don't like them either! I also love pink and purple. That wasn't very nice what your brother did to you when you were growing up. Hope Ron is okay.

Pat said...

Congrats on the award! You've got some interesting facts about you there!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hooray for you!
Holy arachnophobia, woman!