Sunday, October 12, 2008

Soooo tired

It's a new week, time to think about work tomorrow and I'm so tired. I took a nap this afternoon, which is something I rarely do. But, I let my sugar drop very low (I was eating, just not enough) and when that happens I get really sick to my stomach for hours afterwards. The only relief is usually to lie down and rest. Today I actually slept and it felt so good.

Amy, Isaiah, and Rex went to Burns to the Walter's Pumpkin Patch. It's about an hour from here and since it's a beautiful afternoon, I don't expect them back too soon. Amy too my camera so she should have a lot of really good shots of Isaiah having a good time.

Speaking of pictures, I'm all done with the scrapbooks for pastor Al and Debbie. They turned out well, so well in fact that I've decided to do some work to create a Web site and offer my services. LOL - for a price, of course! It took me three nights to find a business name that wasn't in use. I finally decided on and bought I bought the domain and started working on the pages.

I forgot how time-consuming it is to build a site from scratch. Plus, I had been taking pictures of layouts for years and saving them to Snapfish. Just two weeks ago I deleted all of those old pictures, so now I have to re-create those pictures. I've given away several scrapbooks and I no longer have pictures of those. SiLlY mE! Luckily I still have pictures of Shaun's military book, Amy's wedding book (outlasted the wedding), and have access to Isaiah's baby book - plus I took pictures of the pages I did for Al and Debbie's books. I wish I still had pictures of the triplet book I did for James, the 8x8 books I did for our soaper's group, and the baby album I did for Vanessa.

I started editing the faces of people in the pictures who are not directly related to me so I can post them without worrying about them being on the "www" without permission. I've blurred the focus on most of their faces so far and just have a few more to do. That's very time consuming.

I'm not in a terribly big hurry to get everything done since I want to make sure that it's done correctly and not sloppy. I want what people see to be as perfect as I can get it.

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