Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog awards, Blog counters, and Blog-hopping readers

OK - how do you get them? I want them.

Seriously, I didn't realize how big this blogging thing was. I started out just using this as a method of venting. Then I realized it was a good way to update out-of-town family and friends on Ron's progress. It's slowly morphed into a life of its own since then.

I know people read the blog but I don't know how to make it seem more appealing and attract people to read and leave comments. Some people don't want to leave comments because they don't want to be tracked back to their own blog. I don't know about others. Maybe they don't want to leave comments because they don't know me/us. That's OK. I leave comments on blogs of people I don't know. I only leave a comment if I can say something nice (you know - just like mom taught - if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all).

I would like to know how many people actually look at the blog and where they're from. I need to figure out where to get those neat little do-dads that dress up other blogs.


1 comment:

Humayraa said...

I hardly leave comments on your blog because I 'talk' to you regularly, lol.

Those who don't wish to be tracked can leave anonymous comments. You haven't disabled it. I sometimes (though rarely) leave anonymous comments on a few of the blogs I read.

There are so many different blog counters out there. I have about 3 or 4 on my blog. I can give you a tutorial on how to install them on MSN if you'd like.

I don't do blog awards, so can't help you there.

As for blog-hopping, I do a lot of that. I click the interesting looking blog titles on other people's blog roll and bookmark the blogs I like, and check them regularly. 9 out of 10 blogs probably won't get a second visit from me though.