Sunday, January 18, 2009

Facial Hair

I have always sympathized with women who have excess facial hair. Although I've never been in this predicament, I have had friends in the past who suffered terribly from the stigma and the procedures used to rid oneself of facial hair.

The bane of my existence has been my thin hair on my head. I used to kid around that when I was a spirit being, before I was born, that I told God I wanted full lips and hair and thin hips. My theory was that I must have stuttered or God has a sense of humor because I got thin lips and hair, and full hips. I've been years trying to make sure my hair was laying "just right" so no scalp would show. Perms were my friend until my resident fashion police decided I'd had the same hair style for too long (only since the beginning of time) and it was beginning to make me look old. I let her talk me into a short haircut. I must admit that it caused more than a few heads to turn and for some to say they didn't recognize me until they looked again. (That was nice.) Although I like the short haircut, I am more than ever worried about scalp appearance.

You'd think that with the shortage of hair on top, that there would be a shortage of hair everywhere else. Not so... I have started checking the face, jaw line, and neck for rogue, random hairs. This absolutely amazes me. I can go from one morning to the next and wham! there's a hair. I'm talking a HAIR - not "oh this might grow so I better pluck it" but a HAIR. Sometimes those suckers are an inch or two in length. If they don't sprout overnight like the beanstalk in the fairy tale, then how in the world do I miss them as they're growing in a normal fashion?

Since I had my hair cut short in back, I also had to have my neck razored so there would be no surprise appearances. That's no fun either. I don't know if hair on the back of the neck grows like hair on the front of the neck grows after being shaved. I can just imagine growing a beard down my back.

I guess that's one way to get long hair.

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The Maxey Family Letter Project said...

OK, this post was pretty funny!

Thanks for your support of the Maxey family. I have been a little concerned about people linking back. What I'm hoping is that since they are so busy with Annette's treatment right now, they won't really have time to check everyone's links in depth. I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if they found out; I'll just keep my fingers crossed that they don't do all the checking. :)

Thanks again for your support!!!