Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doctor update, medical expenses, and taxes

We had another trip to the foot doctor today. Dr. Heady came in and almost danced a jig he was so happy. He said that he was very pleased with how the foot was looking and excited that it was getting to where it needed to be. The nurse came in and said when the doctor left the room he even told her how happy he was about it. We don't go back for a whole month!

Knock on wood... Our medical expenses should go down this year. Of course, I'll be paying on our KCI bill for quite a while so who knows what our "actual" expenses will be and what our carryover expenses are.

I got our 2008 pharmacy record. Ron's pharmacy record - at only ONE pharmacy - was $21,651.98 for insurance and $1,720.30 for us. My prescriptions cost $2,916.79 for insurance and $807.25 for us. So far this year, Ron's prescriptions have cost $2,728.04 for insurance and $180.00 for us. Mine are $328.07 for insurance and $90.41 for us. Those records are from 1/2/09 through 2/3/09.

Our out-of-pocket medical expenses last year amounted to $9,886 ($784 for transportation credit, which leaves $9,102 of actual expenses). Add the approximately $9,000 I lost in wages from being off work without pay, and we lost a whole "salary." It's no wonder I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to pay things. Without my faith, I would not have made it and we would not have made it. Every week, and sometimes many times a week, I'd be in prayer over our finances and Ron's health. God saw us through it all.

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Mema-Eemah said...

Heyyy Teresa, it's me...Naimah (Mema-Eemah) from MMC.
I am soooooo happy for the both of you, hearing of Ron's good news from the doctors makes my heart warm.....I pray that All continues to go well for All of you.