Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Wichita Valentine

I've entered Ron in a "My Special Wichita Valentine" contest through a local radio station and flower shop. Up until tonight, he was ahead in his category. There were several categories and one person who didn't win in one category moved his entry to Ron's category. That doesn't seem quite fair, unless the votes stayed behind in the other category.

Many of Ron's friends have voted and a few have even left comments. You can go to this link to read - or even vote if you do it before tomorrow. The contest ends tomorrow but I'm at a loss as to know when they will declare a winner and how they will notify the winner. It's very strange.

To vote, click on the pink heart just above his head. If you leave a comment, it won't show up right away as it has to go through moderation.

I'm going to print off all of the comments and if he doesn't win, I'll get him a bouquet myself. The person who is closest to him is deserving of something, but (LOL) not any more so than Ron. I hope the late voters come through and keep him in the lead.

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