Friday, February 13, 2009

He won...

Ron was picked as the winner as the "Special" Valentine by Tillie's Flower Shop. They will deliver his flowers tomorrow and I've been dying to tell him. In fact, I've almost blown it a couple of times.

Ron will win a Passion bouquet valued at $79.95 from Tillie's. I'm sure they will be beautiful. I took all of the comments and created a PDF so I can print them out for him.

He sent me roses today - which is a big "WOW" for us because we just don't do roses. Amy found these on and they're a "create your own" package. They have Mickey Mouse on some of them and I Love You on others. They are very nice and such a different sort of idea.

When I got the email from the receptionist today that I had flowers, I went up to the front to get them. The front counter had several arrangements there so I asked which ones were mine. She said, "I want to see your flowers." I said (sounding confused), "OK, which ones are they?" She said mine were around the corner and all I could think was how big of an item could this possibly be???
They were in a big box, which is something I've never gotten before anyway. Once I saw where they came from I knew Amy must have had a hand in it. I had several people standing there to help me open them up and find something to put them in. They are really very, very pretty.

April had a vase so I was able to bring them home and leave the box at work. I trimmed the stems and added the plant food to the water. I hope they last several days.

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