Saturday, February 14, 2009

He cried

Ron was so funny when I went into the bedroom to tell him he had a gift. The card says "Congratulations! You were selected as WICHITA'S SPECIAL VALENTINE! You can view the entry at" He kept saying, "How did I enter a contest? Did you enter a contest? How did I win something? You didn't buy me flowers, did you?"

I kept telling him that he just needed to come into the dining room and I'd explain it. When he saw the flowers he again asked if I'd ordered him flowers. No, he won them. How???? Just be quiet and listen.

As I was reading the remarks the tears just started rolling down his face. He was so touched by all of the nice words that people wrote. There were even some comments from people he doesn't know. It was very nice.

The arrangement is beautiful. The house is beginning to look like a florist's shop since I got roses, Amy got roses, Jenny got roses, and Ron got his "Passion" bouquet. Very nice.

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Jamie said...

That is so sweet!!