Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's February - ALREADY!

January just flew by and it's hard to believe that we're into the 2nd week of February already. I have to admit, it's been a good month. We were able to get our house refinanced and it will save us nearly $300 per month. With the refinance, it lowers our interest 1.5% and pays off our second mortgage. I'm so thankful! We also don't have to make a payment now until April, so we can use the mortgage money from February and March to pay off a couple of other debts. That will save us a little bit more money in monthly payments. I give God all the credit for this to have taken place.

Ron's toe (from his shoe incident) looks great. It has a dark spot but it is healing. His right foot also looks better. Dr. Heady trimmed some around the "hole" and although it still bleeds it does look better. If he wears his new brace, it takes the pressure off his wound and it doesn't bleed as much. I think he bleeds because of the pressure, and the more pressure he puts on it, the less chance he has for healing.

I am excited to be looking forward to our trip to Vegas on Friday. I believe that we will definitely be able to take the trip. I've rented an electric scooter that will be waiting for us when we get there ($120 for the five days but worth it) and we will have a handi-cap accessible room. I can't wait! Ron is finally starting to look forward to going, except the actual "going" part. We have to fly on a small airplane from here to Denver and from Denver back to here. I honestly don't know how we're going to get him in and out of it. He can't do stairs. I know they have a chair they use for disabled individual but he's a big man and I'm not sure they can get him in or out even with it. Oh well - we will cross that bridge when we get there.

I am continually looking forward and looking up!


Rae said...

Don't worry about the airline wheelchair transport. I've used it without problem. They do it all the time. It will work out. Hope you have a great time in Vegas. Are you going to see the sights there? I am curious to know how things go for Ron. I have wanted to travel there, but I wasn't sure how I would manage with a scooter in Vegas.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

I will let you know. We're going to rent one there so I don't have to worry about transporting his. They will have it at the hotel for us when we get there and the rental is $120 (or $125) and that includes tax. I will let the airport take him to and from the terminals in a push chair and that way I don't have to mess with that either.

We're not into gambling so seeing the sights is mainly what's on the agenda. I can't stand to throw money away so the casinos won't be seeing much of me - except maybe to look around at them but I think if you've seen the inside of one casino you've seen them all.

Pat said...

Hey, Viva Las Vegas! Say Hi to Elvis for me!

Good luck with everything and HAVE FUN!!!