Monday, February 22, 2010

Vegas views

I said I'd upload some Vegas shots, so here they are...
(I hate trying to upload pictures from blogger so that's why I don't much. How do you all - who do pictures - do it?)

This is a view of the Stratosphere from waaaayyyy down the street at the Pawn Stars pawn shop:

Ron in the pawn shop. Next to him is the barber chair they bought and refurbished and behind him is the Harley that had the pink and red design. The barber chair had just sold that day (probably to a tourist) and the Harley had a $20,000 price tag:

The line to get into the pawn shop:

Inside the M&M Factory. That place was huge - and packed. Ron had to wait outside because there was no room to move for him:

The "other" Elvis. He didn't want to let me take his picture because I didn't have any money to tip him. I really didn't (wasn't trying to stiff him) but Ron and Elvis share the same birthday (Jan 8):

1 comment:

Pat said...

We never went into that Pawn shop. Is it right downtown?

I don't have any problems downloading my photos onto blogger. I used to downsize the photos in advance, but now I just let blogger do it.

Re: tipping the other Elvis. Everyone's always out for a buck!