Monday, February 22, 2010

Ron is better today...

Which is good. I'm glad that the bug he seems to have picked up has not turned into pneumonia. Since he does sound better, I'm confident that it will not.

He still has some confusion but it's more of the level that we've been having the past year or so and not an increase like we just dealt with. That's a relief!

I called today to get an appointment with the nephrology doctor; he said he wanted to see Ron in one week. The lady said his first available appointment was April 24. Hmmm.... That's a bit longer than one week. I explained that he had been in the hospital, was discharged, and the doctor wanted to see him in one week. She said she's not authorized to put him on the schedule without clearing it with the doctor. OK - whatever you say. She'll call me back.

Ron sees the neurologist on Wednesday. This is not the same one who came to see him in the hospital. I don't know why this one didn't come, but at least we already had an appointment lined up and don't have to wait on one. We'll take him the new medication list and see what he says.

So, we're looking to the future with high hopes and expectations.

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Pat said...

Here's hoping everything goes well with the doctor. Hope the other office calls and you can get Ron in this week, too.