Sunday, June 17, 2012

My weekend....

It's been a very busy week! I had tons of stuff to do at work (getting more involved and it's great - I love it and they really seem to appreciate what I bring to the table) and had one of the lovely "boob" checks on Thursday afternoon. Friday afternoon, I get a call from the women's center and the technician says, "I don't want you to worry all weekend, but can you come back in Monday morning for some more pictures? The radiologist has some extra shots he wants taken of your left side." Monday? Seriously? But don't let it affect my weekend? Seriously?

Well, I am having oral surgery tomorrow to remove a tooth that is broken down into my jaw bone so Monday morning is out. So, how about Tuesday morning? No, I have lots of meetings then. Can we do a late afternoon appointment again (it had been 4:15 Thursday). No, the radiologist needs to be here to look at the films as they're done. So, I have an 8:00 AM Thursday appointment. Now, I find myself thinking about game shows...

"I'll take Boobs for $500, Alex."
"Pat, can I buy a boob?"

{sigh} It'll be fine... more of an inconvenience than anything else since I'm already taking tomorrow off for the oral surgery.

Yesterday, we headed to KC to visit my mom and to join in her "housewarming" celebration the retirement center hosted for her. It was very nice and she had a great time.

Last night, since we were in KC, I wanted to go to eat at Arthur Bryant's BBQ. They're famous - really famous - for having outstanding BBQ. Although Lindsay is a vegetarian, we figured they'd still have stuff like baked potatoes, cole slaw, fries, and macaroni and cheese. Nope... they have fries and cole slaw. Nothing else that is vegetarian-friendly. Unless, you consider their peanut butter and jelly sandwich (for $3.99). Lindsay said that would be OK - she'd have a PB&J and fries. Wrong again... They have a sign posted that basically says the PB&J is for kids under 11 ONLY and for dine-in only. No carry-out, no adults, no drive-through. Kids under 11 only - no substitution, no excuses, no reasoning - health, personal preference, dietary restrictions, or any other reason you can use. In fact, if the staff sells a PB &J to anyone who can't prove they have an 11 year old child with them, that person can be fired. Seriously? We walked out and went to Bob Evans instead. Wasn't BBQ but it was very good.

Today, we all went to lunch at Golden Corral and everyone had a great lunch. Lots of vegetarian-friendly dishes there.

Better get... I have to be at the dentist's office early in the morning and it's been a long, tiring weekend.

Happy father's day to all the dads out there!


orchid said...

Dearest Teresa,
Oh, what can I say for you; although you had a nice time having meals with your mother and friends, you have dentist appointment and other problem... I do hope these treatments will not much trouble or stressful for you!!!

Please keep in mind that I always thinking about you, as you have been my friend since I started blogging♡♡♡

From rainy Japan to deraest friend with Lots of love and hugs, xoxo Miyako

Lois said...

Oh! and good luck with the dental surgery, and I'll be thinking of you Thurs too. :) L

Kaylen said...

Wow-I can't believe that place refused to sell something that is actually on their menu to accomodate a customer who doesn't eat meat! On the other side-how do they not have anything on their menu to accomodate people who don't eat meat?? Isn't that pretty standard these days??

Good luck with the tooth, and with the revisit on Thursday!