Saturday, May 24, 2008

Positive updates

Monday's visit with the foot specialist: I think I may have already said that his foot is improving, although very slowly. The color was good and the PA didn't think the bone was exposed any longer. He'll return to the doctor this next Wednesday.

The nurse visit on Wednesday: Allison also commented that the wound is looking better but she did notice a small dark spot that could be a sign of necrotic flesh. We'll have to just pray that it's not that when the doctor looks at it on Wednesday.

Ron to family practice doctor on Thursday: Covered that one already so I won't add to it here.

Nurse visit on Friday: No change from Wednesday's visit, so that's a good sign. The black did not grow any.

Doctor visits for Friday: My appointment went really well. I've "officially" lost 10.2 pounds but since I know I'd lost some before I was weighed on the doctor's scales last month, I'm not exactly sure how much. My estimate is 15 pounds and that's good. I'm happy with it. I talked to her some more about the chronic cough I have and she decided that I'm probably having a reaction to the blood pressure medicine she put me on. We both think I've been on it since last August, about the same time the cough started. She changed it to another medication (bummer, the other was $5, this is $30 for one month supply) but said the cough may take 4-6 weeks to disappear. She gave me some strong prescription cough medicine to take at night. I also have a sinus infection so got some medication for that.

Ron had a sonogram of his left arm and the technician said it looked clear, so we're dealing with a bruise and nothing more serious. He then had an echocardiogram and the tech said he's still got a little bit of fluid around his heart. He was down a few more pounds so he's lost 44 pounds since March 23.

The kidney specialist was very pleased with his overall condition and blood work was much better. She said he was the most alert and looked better than she had ever seen. He does have a serious vitamin D deficiency and calcium deficiency. She started him on two calcium plus vitamin D pills each night, plus two additional vitamin D capsules. After a couple of weeks she'll repeat his blood work to see if he can stop the extra vitamin D. He goes back to see her in two months.

I didn't give Ron any of the antibiotic Thursday night or yesterday. He got one this morning and within 10 minutes had tightness in his throat and nausea. I told him we'd stop entirely until we talked to the infection doctor (he sees him also on Wednesday) but he told me to go ahead and give it to him. He doesn't want to halt the progress he's made.

He was really sick this past week so I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with giving it to him but we'll both just watch it closely.

Now we just have to wait and see how this all turns out in the next week or so. He has quite a few more visits over the next couple of weeks so I'm sure there will be more news to share.

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