Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jenny's parents

I think they are really getting into the grandparent routine. Their house is in Irvine and since Shaun/Jenny live in San Diego, I think it’s about a 2 hour drive up there. They went Friday during the day and came Sunday night. While they were there, her parents took them shopping and bought Alexander about several outfits in the next size up (some a bit larger, too), bought a floor pad for his nursery so he can play safely on the floor without picking up cheap apartment carpet fuzz, got them a new vacuum since hers wasn’t working well, babysat Saturday night so they could go to the movies and dinner, and took them to dinner another night to celebrate her brother’s birthday.

In addition to that, they gave Alexander a “red envelope” gift of cash – for the Chinese New Year celebration all children get a red envelope with cash in it. Her brother gave him some money and their power of attorney lady (she pays all of the family’s US expenses while the parents are in Taiwan) also gave him a red envelope gift. That was very nice of her.

All of that is in addition to what they already gave them. I'm so glad that her parents are doing so much for them. I am glad that they're in a position to do things for them that I'm not. I don't want Alexander to go without things he needs, and I'm sure they don't either.

They’re not going to pick out a Chinese name for him until sometime after they get back to Taiwan. They’ll consult with other members of the family to get input on just the perfect name for him. I think that’s cool that they are going to put so much thought into it. Amy asked them to give Isaiah a Chinese name, too since he’s now part of their family.

Shaun says they’re being very nice to him. They are aware of his OCD problem of not eating any food it anyone else touches it, so they let him serve himself from the community food platters before they took any food themselves. I think that was probably a really big thing since the dad should have been the first one served. I'm very grateful that they seem to understand Shaun's little peculiarities. He is a really good person but just has a few things to get used to.

Jenny’s sister came from Taiwan Monday and they are getting together again on Wednesday. I imagine her sister will also have a red envelope gift for Alexander.

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