Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Wedding

My niece got married this weekend and it was a lovely wedding. They literally put it together in 12 days. Fortunately, they had partially planned this wedding two other times but the groom called it off each time. This time, he went through with it. The funny thing about this, May 3 had been the original date all along but when he called it off the first time, they canceled that date. Then when he re-proposed they set March 29 as the date. It didn't take too long to call that one off, too.

He got right back with her within days of calling off the wedding and they went back out behind his family's backs. He wouldn't admit to anyone that he was seeing her again or anything - until she turned up pregnant. Then all of a sudden his family thought they should get married, that she was great "wife" material and how much they really liked her. I think they want access to the baby, and I don't blame them. As a grandparent I would not want to be in their shoes.

The new husband leaves for the Marines in a week so she'll spend most of her pregnancy alone. It's not a fun situation to be in and I don't envy her at all.

Although the bride was beautiful, the bridesmaids were lovely (Amy was maid of honor), and the reception was nicely done (she had a dessert themed reception), the real star of the whole show was Isaiah. Everyone thought he was adorable. He was the ring bearer and he looked so handsome in his suit and tie.

He started up the aisle and suddenly stopped once he saw everyone. He was taking very slow steps and I thought sure he was going to stop and cry "Mommy!" so she could come rescue him. My sister told the groom to get Isaiah's attention and maybe he'd come up the aisle to him. Bryan stooped down and Isaiah finally walked up to him. He did a good job standing there with the bridal party. When Brandy turned toward the altar, Amy started to straighten her train. Isaiah also leaned down to straighten it (which they got in the pictures) and then looked at Amy and said, "Thank you mommy." He thought she was helping him out.

Then he said he was done and went down to set on my sister's lap. After all of the pictures he came over to the reception hall and had some fun with the bubbles. He wanted to blow out the candles on the centerpieces and my sister-in-law let him. He said he wanted to make a wish so he folded his hands like in prayer, leaned his head down with his eyes closed, and then blew out the candle. He did that for ever candle he blew out. Everyone thought it was so cute.

Then the bride and groom had a dance. Isaiah decided that he was going to dance, too and got a little 4 year old girl to dance with him. I got a good picture of him giving her a hug. It was sweet.

He caught the garter AND the bouquet. The garter was thrown to him on purpose and the bouquet he just happened to be in the right place to catch. He gave the garter to the best man and the bouquet to the little sister of the groom.

I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow after I get them downloaded.

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