Monday, June 2, 2008

the flowers

Ron really hurt my feelings. One of the times he called me I was sitting in the driveway at home (I went to pick up his insulin and glucose meter) and so I asked him if he had gotten the flowers. He said yes and that he didn't know they were from me because the card wasn't signed. And - the clincher - said it looked like something Karen (his ex-wife) would do. I said didn't you read the card????? He said yes but it just didn't register that it could possibly be from me and Karen is the one who does things like that. I was cut to the quick.

So I hung up the phone, got his stuff, and came back to the hospital. When I got into his room he tried to explain but I was having none of that at this point. I was looking for the card but couldn't find it(I was going to tear it up after I read it to him) and when I went to move the flowers they fell into the trash. He said "oh don't do that"and I said it was an accident but it was a good place for them.

I finally found the card at the bottom of the trash so someone (he says the nurse) threw it away. So I read it to him and said "oh yeah, that sounds like something Karen should be saying to you." He tried to explain himself again and I said that his other wife could buy him flowers from now on and left the room. I was very hurt. He ended up crying and said if I didn't forgive him it would break his heart. He said I'm the only one who does care about him and he really shouldn't have said that Karen was the thoughtful one.

Of course, I forgave him and said I was over it. He said I'd never be over it. Maybe, maybe not but he'll never know. He's the one that will remember how he stuck his foot in his mouth. I did take the flowers out of the trash because he asked me to. I very nearly broke the whole thing.

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