Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weighty issues

It looks as if I’ve managed to lose between 20 and 25 pounds now. I say between because I’m not entirely sure where I started. Like most people, I managed to gain a few pounds (OK, more than a few; more like several) over the winter even though my plans for life did not include gaining weight. I can’t say I know too many people who have that goal.

I do know that I’m a bit lighter than I was at this time last summer because several of the things I bought for last summer are now too big. That’s really a sad state of affairs. LOL, not really. I’m thrilled with that revelation. I will be very happy to donate them to our church garage sale.

The funny thing is that no one at work has noticed. I see some of them looking at me oddly, as if they’re trying to figure out what is different about me. Is it my hair? Could it be new glasses? (Sometimes I wear them, sometimes I do not.) I wear such loose clothing that it’s really difficult to tell what my shape was (round is a shape) and what my shape is now (less round).

I’ve bought a few new shirts, a pair of jeans, and a couple pair of Capri pants in the next size down. They fit but not as loose as I would like so I’ve only worn one outfit. I’ll wait a few more pounds until I wear something else.

I may even wait until I need the next size down (that would be about 10-15 more pounds) before I wear the new size I bought. The size in the label only bothers me slightly. I have several things that are from the same manufacturer (such as two blouses, identical except for the color) and one could be one size and another a different size. There’s no rhyme or reason to it.

Of course, the new eating plan we’re on is helping a great deal. We don’t eat out much (too expensive and too hard to find things that Ron can/should eat) so I’m cooking more at home. I’m choosing more healthy fare for us and I’ve cut way back on the sodium, not just for Ron but for me also.

The other factor that I think is helping is lifting his scooter in and out of the car several times a week. Even taken apart, the pieces are quite heavy. One piece is 35 pounds.

When we go to our family reunion in a month I hope I’ve lost enough that my family is shocked, even with my loose clothes on. That will be a great reward.

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