Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doctor update - some good news

Procrit injection #3 went well. Last week Ron started on an additional diuretic and today he was down about five pounds from last week. That is a good start.

Dr. Peterie was next and he had some good news for us. The MRSA is gone and the only thing left is some skin bacteria that we all have. Ron does have Thrush though so he gave him a prescription for it. He still wants Ron to continue the antibiotics while he has an open wound. The wound is still over 3 cm deep.

Dr. Heady was very impressed with the improvement in the foot. We had been concerned that he would suggest more surgery on the foot but he decided that he wants to hold out a bit longer to see if it continues to improve. He said the tunnel is healing in most of the areas but still has the one deep spot.

The tech re-dressed it and we go back in a week-and-a-half to see Dr. Heady; we see Dr. Peterie in one week. Procrit injection also next week.

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