Saturday, July 5, 2008

It has been a while...

So much has happened since I last posted. Ron saw Dr. Peterie this past Wednesday and he says the hole is not getting any shallower. Of course, we were disappointed but we kind of expected that. Ron was supposed to have a heart cath on the 9th but the doctor says it's really not a good time for him to subject his body to the procedure.

Dr. Wolfe's office called on Thursday and said they were referring Ron to a hematologist as his blood count was still dangerously low and not coming up fast enough. We both know there are a lot of things that can cause the low blood count and none of them are great. The main culprit could be the metronidazole he's taking for infection and if so, then it's an easy fix. If not, it could be any number of other things. We're just praying that it's nothing more severe than the medication.

Ron has not been feeling very well the past couple of days. My family reunion in Kansas City is tomorrow and he's been so "weird" acting that I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to make it after all. Last night it took three of us to get him into bed and today he's not been out of it for very long. He had no memory of us getting him into bed. His sugar was 333 last night and his blood pressure was 112/70. It ended up going as low as 91/51 before it started coming back up. I gave him 55 units of Lantus but this morning his sugar was still 307 so I gave him 55 more units. He's not had much to eat today either. I just rechecked his sugar and it was 376, so I gave him 60 units of Humalog.

He's also running a low-grade fever and had a sore throat, so we wonder about those two things. He has spent most of yesterday evening and today either in bed or in his recliner - asleep. He's fallen asleep in mid-conversation, while he was eating, and while he was getting to the toilet. I was afraid he was going to fall off of it because he was asleep. He's not moving very well but he does not want to go back to the hospital. He says he's actually looking forward to the reunion. We'll see...

On another note, it's been nice having Shaun, Jenny, and Alexander here for a visit. Alexander is sure a cutie-pie. He looks more like his mom than he does Shaun but maybe as he gets older he'll start looking more like our side of the family. LOL, maybe. We bought him a few little outfits and some toys. He is having fun with the toys but he likes my computer power switch and the stove knobs so much better. He loves to crawl after the dog, too.

They leave to go back home on Tuesday morning and it will be back to just us again. Isaiah has enjoyed having him here but he's had a bit of jealousy, too. When he walked in on Wednesday evening and saw them here, he wanted Alexander to come and play with him. He'd go into a room and call "come on Alexander" and expect him to just join him. LOL!

Amy and Shaun bought some fireworks to shoot. Isaiah has always been afraid of them so we've not bought any in the past. This year he was really excited about a lot of them and he was fine until so many started going off all around us last night. They were too loud and he couldn't take the noise. We had a great time with them though and I think I got some good pictures.

I think that is most of the updates. Right now Ron is sleeping (again), Amy and Jenny are gone with the kids to a birtday party, Shaun is on the computer playing a game, and I'm between housework chores. Oh joy... I better get back to them. I have pasta salad to make for tomorrow. We're taking brownies, the pasta salad, fried rice, and some chips.

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